Posted on September 2, 2021

Importance of Corner Frame Assemblies

Importance of Corner Frame Assemblies

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

Corner frame assemblies don’t look like much—they’re short rods that attach the lift side upright to the bottom beam. While not complicated in their design, corner frame assemblies are crucial to vertical lift durability, critical to protecting your boat. Here’s how four pieces of metal can do a world of good.

In most other boat lifts, the boat lift rack sits outside of the frame. This means that these lifts can’t have additional bracing added to them. What that means for the lift, boat, and owner is a potential disaster: when these lifts fail, they tip to the side, even if they have a boat on the lift, which is a dangerous and expensive accident waiting to happen.

The addition of corner frame assemblies, like the ones you can get with ShoreMaster vertical lifts, is a simple solution that adds years to your boat lift. The assemblies add additional strength, durability, and rigidity to your boat lift. With your boat being the treasured investment, you want to have the most substantial boat lift possible to ensure that you get the best protection for your money, which can be as simple as adding four metal rods to the corners of your boat lift’s frame.

ShoreMaster pioneered the welded aluminum boat lift and has been an industry leader for decades. When you invest in one of our boat lifts, you’re already getting some of the best protection the industry has to offer. We continue to improve and perfect our designs to give you the superior stability, reliability, and performance that you want and need for the life of your boat lift. Choose the well-designed boat lift options that fit your waterfront with the help of a customer support team that genuinely knows their stuff. Contact a local ShoreMaster dealer to get started.

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