Posted on October 18, 2018

Understanding the Benefits of a Boat Lift

Why Should Someone Use a Boat Lift?

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

Boats belong in the water, right?

Wrong. Wait — let us explain! Boats are meant for the water, yes. They provide the ultimate water experience, from entertainment to sports to relaxation. But actually storing them in the water 24/7 year-round can cause damage and decrease their value. This leads to more maintenance and work for you in the long run — and less time spent enjoying your boat.

That’s where boat lifts come in. They keep your boat out of the water when you aren’t using it — offering support and minimizing the negative effects of weather and the elements. Boat lifts protect your watercraft and give you peace of mind. Plus, they help maintain the value of your watercraft. We outline two of the major reasons why a boat lift is necessary below.

A boat lift offers protection for:

Boat quality: Whether your boat hull is made of fiberglass, aluminum, or plastic, a boat lift can prevent scum and slim build up. Many materials, like aluminum, can stain easily and reflect water damage. The gelcoat, or shiny surface on fiberglass boats, is porous – so it can also collect build up and stain quickly. A boat lift is the solution! It can protect the condition of your boat, along with several other benefits.

Boat safety: Leaving your boat moored to a dock or off a buoy all the time puts it in a vulnerable position for exterior and interior damage. From rainstorms to high winds and beyond, different water levels and conditions can do a number on your boat (and dock!). Along with damage to the bottom and sides of it, that means you’re also relying on the bilge pump to take care of any water that enters the boat (which isn’t always the best solution).

A boat is a major investment, and a boat lift provides protection for it. From secure storage to damage prevention, boat lift storage can help you keep your boat in better condition for a longer period of time. It can also make it easier to enjoy time on the water! A boat lift canopy, for example, protects your boat from UV rays and wind and allows for quick boating access. Instead of a tight cover that leaves your boat musty and at risk for mold or mildew problems, a canopy allows your boat to air out during storage.

ShoreMaster is proud to offer a wide selection of trusted boat lifts for all of your boat dock needs. Once you choose between a vertical, hydraulic, pontoon, or PWC lift, you’ll have to determine your boat lift capacity. This is a combination of the style and size of your boat, and the type of dock you have plays into it as well. The most important factor, however, is the weight of your boat — and that goes beyond the base dry weight! The full boat lift weight capacity you’ll need includes gas, batteries, water, storage, water sports equipment, and any other item you’ll have on the boat.

For more information about boat lifts and how to calculate boat lift capacity, connect with a ShoreMaster dealer today.

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