Posted on May 23, 2019

Memorial Day Dock Safety Tips!

Memorial Day Dock Safety Tips

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

Spring is a great time to get your dock installed if you’re boating in the north. ShoreMaster started in Minnesota, so we understand the impact of all four seasons on your waterfront life. Whether you’re a seasonal installation pro or just getting started, we have some dock installation tips to help the process go smoothly so you can spend more time having fun on the water when the weather warms up.

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There are risks involved in any activity, even spending time on your boat dock. Even if you aren’t in the water or on your boat, it’s possible to damage your boat or injure yourself or someone else. Even if you have boat insurance, not everything will be covered, and even then, injuries, fines, and boat damage aren’t anyone’s idea of a good time. Keep everyone and everything safe this Memorial Day weekend by making and sticking to a dock safety plan.

Update Your Coverage

While you’re making sure you’re up to date with dock and boat regulations, get the most that you can out of your insurance policy. Check with your provider about your policy’s dock coverage, and do what you can to avoid a claim. Keep your boat lift area clear of debris and other objects. Never let children play around the dock without supervision. Take extra care when spraying your dock’s surface, checking on your boat, and getting ready to leave or return. Consider adding lights or railings to your dock to give everyone on your dock the best chance of avoiding injuries—ShoreMaster has a variety of options for the safety-conscious boat owner.

Cover Your Craft

Not just with insurance—consider buying a canopy cover for your boat lift to keep your craft safe. Your boat will already be exposed to water, but a cover can protect it from salt, heavy rain, hail, and other debris. A cover can help your boat stay durable and keep it looking beautiful season after season. ShoreMaster has a variety of canopy frame and canopy covers in the colors that help you personalize your look and the high-quality protection and care you’d expect from waterfront experts.

Check Your Cables and Rigging

Exposed boat lift cables are a significant safety hazard. Make sure yours are free of dirt and debris that could weaken them. Check for any weak spots that might already be there—weakened cables can snap and seriously injure anyone who’s nearby.

The same thing goes for ropes, string, and rigging, which can all be hazardous to passersby. If someone gets tangled in them, they could get seriously injured or require a rescue swimming operation. They also conduct electricity if they’re exposed to a circuit, which could mean electrical shocks on top of the other hazards presented. Make sure that you keep an eye on these and give them the attention they deserve before they prove to be a problem.

Call an Electrical Technician

Boat docks are exposed to the elements, which means that anything electronic on your dock is subject to damage and needs to be observed carefully. A technician should examine your dock’s electrical system at least twice a year, even if it’s functioning perfectly. Not only should your lighting work, but wiring should be checked for corrosion, breaks, and shots.

Dock Safety by ShoreMaster

ShoreMaster carries the widest selection of aluminum docks, boat lifts, accessories, and equipment in the industry, and we’re proud to be a high-quality option for the discerning boat dock owner. Don’t forget to prepare for a safe Memorial Day weekend on the water. ShoreMaster can help with lighting, railings, and other dock safety accessories. For more information about safety and accessories, contact ShoreMaster’s Customer Support Team or a ShoreMaster dealer near you.