Posted on May 30, 2019

Get on the Water Faster and Easier This Summer!

Get on the Water Faster and Easier This Summer!

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

Spring is a great time to get your dock installed if you’re boating in the north. ShoreMaster started in Minnesota, so we understand the impact of all four seasons on your waterfront life. Whether you’re a seasonal installation pro or just getting started, we have some dock installation tips to help the process go smoothly so you can spend more time having fun on the water when the weather warms up.

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No one wants to spend a ton of time waiting on the shoreline for a day on the water to get started. With the right boat lift, you can both protect your investment and make it quick and easy to get on the water as soon as possible. ShoreMaster has an extensive selection of high-quality boat lifts, accessories, and options to make sure avid boaters get the most out of their time on the water.

Boat Lift Models

ShoreMaster set the industry standard for reliability and performance in boat docks thanks to our waterfront expertise, attention to detail, and precision construction. All of our boat lift models offer top-of-the-line reliability and performance and can fit the unique needs of your watercraft and waterfront.

Vertical boat lifts provide minimal maintenance, a double v-side design, the exclusive Whisper Winch feature for quiet operation, and can be customized with multiple motor options. Hydraulic boat lifts offer convenience and speed, and they also offer remote control operation for an even easier and hassle-free time getting on and off the water. Pontoon lifts are now built for the size of today’s pontoons.  They are longer and wider for the stability that pontoons need, and they come in three capacity options to fit your boat. ShoreMaster also has personal watercraft lifts in cantilever and vertical styles for reliable performance and protection for your PWC.

Boat Lift Accessories

Protecting your boat from the elements is about more than keeping it out of the water. Canopies and canopy frames are designed and built for superior coverage and protection, and like all ShoreMaster accessories, are versatile and easy to own. The traditional canopy frames allow you to tuck your boat completely under the frame and canopy, and the hip-roof canopy frame has a less intrusive aesthetic. Our covers are lightweight and built to last, and offer vibrant colors and lasting protection season after season. Between the canopy options and the bunks, guides, stops, lights, and other accessories, you can maximize your boat lift and customize your waterfront experience.

Motorized Boat Lift Options

The ultimate way of getting on the water faster and easier is through boat lift motors. ShoreMaster offers two options for motorized lifts with hassle-free installation and easy and efficient operation for your convenience and enjoyment. Motorized lifts give you the ability to quickly raise or lower your boat with a button or switch, and with the Whisper Winch that convenience comes with quietness as well. LiftBoss lifts offer key-turn, corded remote, or wireless remote operation, and LiftMate motors have a simple, universal design that works with nearly any boat lift. Both options come with an optional solar panel add-on for some options.

ShoreMaster Makes Boating Fast, Easy, and Fun

ShoreMaster is the clear choice for boat owners that want a truly unique waterfront experience. We carry the widest selection of boat dock options and accessories, and the Infinity Track system means that your customization options are truly endless. No matter what you do when you’re on the water, ShoreMaster can help you make sure that you have the right tools to do it as soon as possible season after season. Make your waterfront dreams a reality by contacting ShoreMaster or a local ShoreMaster dealer.

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