Posted on March 26, 2020

7000 LB Boat Lift: ShoreMaster 7000 Vertical Boat Lift

ShoreMaster 7000# Vertical Boat Lift

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

Keeping your boat out of the water when you’re not using it helps protect your investment, and a vertical boat lift is the best way to provide safe, secure mooring. ShoreMaster was the originator of the welded aluminum vertical lift, and to this day we provide the innovation and quality that waterfront owners deserve. The SM 7000 Vertical Boat Lift has these great features that make it an ideal investment for waterfront owners.

Quality Construction

We’ve developed the industry’s most trusted boat lift, and it keeps improving. The SM 7000 is an industry leader in stability, reliability, and performance even after seasons of use. The lift features premium welded construction and components and is easy to own and install. All-aluminum construction means that the lift is lightweight, virtually maintenance-free, and very strong and durable. Even the winch cables last longer with the ShoreMaster exclusive winch cable guide for years of easy, reliable service.

Easy Access, Operation, and Installation

The SM 7000 vertical boat lift can work in shallow, deep, or fluctuating water conditions, making it an easy choice for many waterfront owners. The double V-side design means that you have easy access to both sides of your boat. It features an eight-piece design for the industry’s easiest assembly and installation and has rails and bunks for V-hulls, sailboats, and pontoons. It features a roller guide system instead of a collar system for less friction and smoother travel. With weight capacities up to 7,000 pounds and up to 68” rack travel, many different watercraft can be raised and lowered into a variety of waters with no problem.

Exclusive Integrated Winch

ShoreMaster’s exclusive Integrated Winch ensures quiet, easy operation of your vertical boat lift. The bearings are sealed for smooth operation, and the aluminum housing means fewer moving internal parts. Raise and lower your boat easily without an annoying clicking sound.

Boat Lift Motors

Vertical boat lifts are easy to use manually, but you can maximize your time on the water and make accessing your boat even easier by using an integrated or add-on motor. The addition of a boat lift motor makes raising and lowering your boat as easy as pushing a button. ShoreMaster boat lift motors come in different remote and power options for even further customization of your dock system.

Canopy Systems

An optional canopy system adds even more protection for your watercraft. ShoreMaster canopies feature a deep frame design that allows for coverage and breathability. Canopies are available in a variety of colors and sizes to fit your aesthetic.

Boat Lift and Dock Systems from ShoreMaster

Keeping your boat safe, secure, and well-maintained is part of enjoying the water, and a vertical boat lift is part of a complete waterfront system. ShoreMaster is an industry leader for our continued innovation and quality in boat docks, lifts, and accessories. When it’s time to add on to an existing dock or start a new one, a ShoreMaster dealer can help you choose the right models, boat lift accessories, and solutions for your needs and local shoreline conditions: contact a local ShoreMaster dealer for more information.


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