Posted on April 16, 2020

Pre-Season Lift Prep

Pre-Season Lift Prep

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

If you’re a seasonal boater, getting your boat lift installed is pretty high on your list of priorities this spring. Getting your boat lift system and accessories set up now will save you a lot of stress once the weather warms up so you can just enjoy having fun on your boat. Before you set up your boat lift this spring, look over these three tips.

ShoreMaster RS7 Dock with IPE Decking and a Vertical Pontoon Light with Black Canopy

Do Pre-Installation Inspections

You’re trusting your boat lift to hold your watercraft, so it only makes sense to inspect it for damage and wear before you get it out on the water. Inspect individual parts of your lift for damage and wear to see if anything needs to be replaced or repaired. If you’re using a boat lift motor on your dock, make sure that’s working as well. Check on any electrical systems that your dock and lift have to ensure that everything is safe and ready to go. Make sure everything is clean, and use an environmentally friendly cleaning product if it’s not. If you’ve got a new lift or a new watercraft, check on the weight limits of your lift and figure out how much your boat will weigh once it’s fully loaded (including fuel) to avoid overloading your lift system.

Choose an Easy-to-Install System

There are a lot of factors that go into making your boat lift easier to install and own throughout the year. Boat lift systems made of durable, lightweight materials like aluminum make maintaining and installing a lift easier, especially with welded construction that keeps the number of parts to a minimum. User-friendly systems that are easy to put together by hand with the help of a friend are also a plus. Infinity Boat Lift Systems from ShoreMaster are welded together, so assembly and installation should only take about 4 hours. Easy installation doesn’t just come from the construction of the lift, though: an accessory like a boat lifting arm can make seasonal boat lift installation even easier.

Properly Set Up Your Canopy

Your canopy is another important protection for your watercraft, so it’s important to set it up properly and keep it well-maintained so it lasts for many seasons. Your canopy storage should be clean and dry, and canopies should be free of dirt, pollen, and other debris. If you need to clean it, use warm water and very gentle soap. When you’re setting up your canopy, set the frame on level ground, unfold the cover, and install it on the frame.

ShoreMaster Infinity Boat Lift Systems

Spring is the perfect time to start setting up your waterfront system, and ShoreMaster makes it easy to have a high-quality boat dock, lift, and accessories. Investing in high-quality, user-friendly, and highly customizable dock features ensures that not only are you getting exactly the right system for your waterfront, but that it will perform and look great for many boating seasons. ShoreMaster can provide information and guidance on what systems are right for your waterfront and boat: get in touch with a local ShoreMaster dealer for advice and options.


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