Posted on October 27, 2014

ShoreMaster Hydraulic Boat Lifts: Simple, Quiet, Fast Operation

ShoreMaster Hydraulic Boat Lifts: Simple, Quiet, Fast Operation

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

There are many reasons to choose a Hydraulic Boat Lift; they offer the convenience of push-button operation, they are reliable, and they operate quietly. However, when it comes to deciding between hydraulic boat lift brands, many customers are only aware of the hydraulic boat lift brands that are carried by their local dock and lift retailer. ShoreMaster offers one of the widest dealer and distributor networks throughout the United States and Canada, so it’s easier than ever for a consumer to find a ShoreMaster hydraulic boat lift at their local dock and lift dealer, however, this post is for the rare customer who is finding limited boat lift brand options in their area, and would simply like more information on understanding how a ShoreMaster Hydraulic boat lift can be a better hydraulic lift choice.

It is important to note that not all hydraulic boat lift brands are created equal, some manufacturers claim to offer hydraulic boat lifts, when in fact, they have simply repackaged a cable operated boat lift and called it a hydraulic boat lift.

Let’s look at three key reasons that hydraulic technology was originally incorporated into ShoreMaster Hydraulic boat lifts:

Simplicity – Hydraulic technology allows ShoreMaster hydraulic boat lifts to shed the complexity and potential for problems that cables and pulleys can create. Hydraulic technology should make boat lifts easier to own and operate. ShoreMaster Hydraulic boat lifts are simple, and do not rely on cables, pulleys, or screws to raise or lower your boat.

Quiet Operation – Hydraulic technology was thought to be much quieter than the old “rattle and clank” that many other boat lift brands winches produce during operation (We should note that ShoreMaster offers an ultra-quiet, near-silent Whisper Winch on their vertical and cantilever boat lifts). The quiet hum of a hydraulic pump in operation is thought to be quieter, and more pleasing than the mechanical rattle of a winch gear at work.

Faster Speeds – Prior to hydraulic technology, boat lift customers’ only options to power their lift was either by hand, using the boat lift’s wheel, or by attaching a motor (usually an aftermarket / non-original equipment part) to the boat lift’s winch. While this may have improved operational convenience, it didn’t improve the simplicity of the boat lift, usually made boat lift operation louder, and rarely would it produce speeds faster than a traditional hydraulic boat lift can provide. ShoreMaster hydraulic boat lifts are fast, while remaining quiet and incredibly simple.

It’s that simple. When ShoreMaster added Hydraulic boat lifts to their product lineup back in September of 2000, the idea was to create a simple, quiet, fast boat lift that would operate at the push of a button. Those three words sum up everything that a traditional hydraulic boat lift should be, and everything that ShoreMaster hydraulic boat lifts are; simple, quiet, and fast.

Hydraulic boat lifts that utilize cables, pulleys, screws, and other mechanisms to lift your boat have a lot of room for potential problems down the road. A traditional hydraulic boat lift from ShoreMaster is simple, quiet, and fast, so it’s easy to use, and easy to own long-term.

To view ShoreMaster’s hydraulic boat lift models check out our Hydraulic Lifts page.



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