Posted on December 10, 2018

ShoreMaster InfinityTrack Dock Accessories

ShoreMaster InfinityTrack Dock Accessories

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

For years the ShoreMaster Infinity Dock System has been recognized as the industry’s leader in configurability and customization. With the ability to connect frame sections anywhere around the perimeter of the dock our dock systems have the ability to create unique and inviting layouts on any waterfront. Our accessories tout this same capability – attach and reattach dock accessories anywhere around the dock’s edge with just a simple t-handle equipped bracket. With our frames and accessories the options are infinite, and so we want to make sure that our consumers and markets understand this unique advantage. So we are undertaking a rebranding opportunity within the Infinity Dock Systems line up with the launch of InfinityTrack dock accessories.

Formally known as the QuickConnect system, our dock accessories and the attachment system they, and our frames, utilize are a unique advantage for our dock system and dock owners. So we want to call attention to it. Each accessory in the InfinityTrack line-up utilizes the top frame channel of our dock system and the InfinityTrack accessory bracket to seamlessly connect to the dock anywhere along the edge of a section. Tool-free, hassle-free and incredibly easy, the InfinityTrack brand will call attention to our unique line-up of dock and accessories.


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