May 25, 2023

Spring Dock Installation 101

Spring Dock Installation 101

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

Spring is a time for growth and renewal, but it’s also a great time to install your waterfront system before the boating season. Once the weather gets warm, dust off those cobwebs, clean everything off, and start fresh with some know-how and the right tools for a great season.

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and the snow and ice are finally melting for good. Yes, spring has sprung, and there isn’t a better time to get your boat dock system out of storage than now. Your boat dock system should be a part of your spring cleaning routine. Here are ShoreMaster’s five tips for a better spring dock installation.

Boat dock with chairs and umbrellas on the water

Spring Cleaning

Everything needs some TLC after an entire winter in storage. Before your dock touches the water this spring, clean it with a gentle, environmentally friendly cleaner that’s good for your system and the water it’s about to spend all summer on. It is also the time to perform maintenance and inspections to keep your dock looking and performing great. Look for signs of wear and tear on your system that could become major problems in the future. Order any small components and pieces of hardware that need to be replaced.

Some problems can’t be solved with a DIY approach, however. Some repairs are too extensive or dangerous to repair on your own, like electrical systems or very large system components. If you’re using a dock pile, dock installation becomes even more complicated. Scenarios like these require professional help. ShoreMaster can help with boat dock installation, and your local dealer also has access to nearby resources for marine electricians and other professionals to give you a hand.

Regardless of the repairs you need, make sure that you place your orders and schedule dates as soon as possible. Many people might look to do the same, so scheduling your repairs is important if you don’t want to wait for repairs while everyone else is having fun on the water

Measure the Local Water Level

Even in areas where the water level remains consistent, winter and spring can affect water levels early in the season. The end of winter means melting snow and ice running off into the water. Spring rain showers add even more water to the area—not to mention the potential storms that may come into the area. Despite boat docks built to withstand the water, the frame shouldn’t touch the water, even if the wind kicks up some tall waves, so keep this in mind as you take measurements during setup.

Adjustable dock systems are the best way to get ahead of the weather and water changes. ShoreMaster’s aluminum boat docks have 18-inch leg pockets that mean easier adjustments of leg levels than competitor boat dock models. For those boaters in areas with larger water level fluctuations that can’t just set something up and leave it for the season, floating dock systems that automatically adjust with the water level are probably a better fit.

Consider Accessories for Installation and Removal

While ShoreMaster docks are easier to own and install than competitors’ docks, we encourage you to make installation easier—who wouldn’t want a little more convenience and a quicker return to the boating season after a long winter? If you struggled with your spring installation or fall removal last year (or want less work in general) and want to streamline the process this year, there’s an accessory likely available. ShoreMaster sectional and wheel-in docks already have five-sided leg posts for easier adjustments to your system. We also have larger foot pads that allow pass-through, wheel kits and adapters, winch leveling kits, and other dock accessories that can help with the practical side of boat dock ownership. While these accessories aren’t as fun as your boat lift, watersports equipment, or other ShoreMaster accessories, they give you a great foundation to begin your season. They are as movable and flexible within your dock layout as any other accessory option.

Invest in a Quality Product from the Start

ShoreMaster boat dock systems are easy to install and own because our engineering, materials, and construction allow for lightweight yet durable dock systems that come in as few pieces as possible. Materials like aluminum hold up better to waterfront and wintertime conditions than wood, which requires far more maintenance to keep looking good and performing well year after year. A boat dock system that’s cheaper upfront might save you some money in the moment, but it may cost you time, money, and frustration later when it becomes hard to reinstall in the spring and difficult to maintain. 

Get the Help You Need

The term “DIY” is a little misleading when it comes to spring boat dock installation. No matter how easy your dock is to set up, it’s not something you should do alone. Whether you’re an experienced boat dock installer or a professional one, you need an extra pair of hands and eyes on the job.

Your local ShoreMaster dealer can also give you a hand with installation. Your local dealer knows the entire ShoreMaster catalog, the water in your area, and how the water behaves with seasonal changes. They can also help you with installation as much or as little as you need. All ShoreMaster product installation instructions are available for download on our website if you prefer to DIY. Our customer support team is available for installation advice and tips over the phone or online, or we can come out and install the system for you. Getting help is recommended if you’re a first-time boat dock installer.

If you’re ready to get your spring dock installation planned, or you have any other questions about waterfront life and options, ShoreMaster can put you in touch with a dealer in your area who can give you personalized advice. Fill out our online contact form for more information.