May 18, 2023

Top Decking Sold 2022

Top Decking Sold 2022

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

ShoreMaster sells the industry’s widest variety of boat dock parts and accessories. Our most popular dock decking option from the year 2022 was the durable, uniquely designed Glacier Flow-Through Dock Decking.

Every dock owner and waterfront is unique, with unique needs and tastes that set their experience apart. From layouts and accessories to the very foundation of a waterfront system to the dock and its decking, many choices can be made based on the dock owner’s preferences. However, we saw a trend last year, and there was a clear frontrunner regarding ShoreMaster customers’ favorite dock decking option. While we’re a little late to awards season, we didn’t want our top seller to go unrecognized. Let us introduce you to the top-selling dock decking option from 2022: Glacier Flow-Through!

ShoreMaster Infinity RS4 Dock with Gray Woodgrain Decking and Vertical Lift

Glacier Flow-Through Dock Decking

Our Glacier Flow-Through decking is one of our plastic options with many features that set it apart from plain plastic boards and other decking options. Glacier Flow-Through is made from polypropylene, a low-maintenance polymer that won’t rot, warp, or decay like real wood or composite decking would after years of ownership. It’s also a very lightweight polymer, which makes installation and removal a breeze for seasonal dock owners. The slip-resistant surface has a texture that feels nice on your feet, which allows you to walk both safely and comfortably on your deck.

One of the best features of flow-through decking is the open flow-through design that it gets its name from. This design feature lets water, dirt, and debris easily pass through your dock panels. This means that your dock panels dry faster and stay cleaner. It can also have a positive effect on the environment underneath your dock—allowing sunlight to filter through your dock panels gives the ecosystem underneath the surface some extra sunlight to keep it healthy and beautiful. Our docks are made with removable dock panels that are light and convenient.  

Glacier Flow-Through is available for all ShoreMaster dock systems, including Curve sections but excluding 6-foot wide sections. Glacier Flow-Through Dock Decking comes in gray and tan color options.

Other Dock Decking Options

Just because Glacier Flow-Through was ShoreMaster’s top seller last year doesn’t mean it’s the right decking for you. If you’re looking for something a little different, we have the greatest number of dock customization options in the industry, including real wood, other plastic docks, composite panels made of a combination of wood and plastics, and aluminum paneling. Each has its benefits, drawbacks, and customization options, and all are good dock decking options for different reasons and different dock owners.

Overwhelmed by options? Don’t know where to start? You’re not the first, and you won’t be the last. Luckily, ShoreMaster has been helping customers across North America find the perfect boat dock design, boat lift, and dock accessory options with the help of our dealer network. Reach out with our online contact form, and we’ll put you in touch with a ShoreMaster dealer in your area.