October 26, 2023

True Capacity, True Hydraulic Design, True Performance. Learn all about the ShoreMaster TruLift

True Capacity, True Hydraulic Design, True Performance. Learn all about the ShoreMaster TruLift

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

A boat lift that performs great for years gives you the peace of mind to truly enjoy your boat and the water, knowing that your investment is safe. ShoreMaster pioneered the welded aluminum boat lift in a design that’s still used today with few modifications, and our TruLift hydraulic boat lift system is just one of our many trusted products.

ShoreMaster’s boat lifts have made us an industry leader — and TruLift is among those high-quality products. Welded construction means a more durable frame and components than comparable lifts on the market. The traditional hydraulic design means your boat can be in and out of the water with a push of a button.

Many boat lift manufacturers claim to sell hydraulic boat lifts, but their boat lift systems are just disguised vertical lifts. A true hydraulic boat lift is low.

Trulift 8000 hydraulic boat lift up position

True Capacity

Boat lifts are rated for the exact weight they can carry, and as a boat owner, you’re relying on that information for peace of mind. TruLift gives you that confidence. Over-engineered and over-constructed components mean that the TruLift system can hold the weight it’s rated for while operating at peak performance. 

A large part of this construction is the welded aluminum frame ShoreMaster pioneered, making the TruLift system more stable and sturdier than bolt-together systems. We believe in our products, which is also why we warranty TruLift to full capacity. TruLift is a durable product that lasts to 100% of its weight capacity.

True Hydraulics

TruLift features a true hydraulic design rather than pulleys disguised as a hydraulic system, which is what many other manufacturers will try to sell to you. This true hydraulic system means that TruLift has a hassle-free operation with minimal maintenance required. Not having to align and lubricate cables and pulleys alone saves you a lot of time, hassle, and money. 

TruLift is also an asset for boaters in more shallow waters because its lay-flat design makes lifting and holding their boats much easier. TruLift requires a minimum water depth of 16” plus the draft of the boat, although the traditional cantilever design would also be right at home in deep or fluctuating water situations. This doesn’t mean that there’s much of a limit on the size of watercraft TruLift can handle, though. TruLift is available in 48” and 60” lift travel and is built for a variety of boat sizes and weight capacities, which means that no matter where you are or what you’re lifting, you can get true hydraulic power in your boat lift system.

True Performance

That true hydraulic power also gives you performance that’s unmatched by other comparable lifts on the market today. TruLift has two Rams (8,000 capacity) for minimal maintenance requirements to go along with that power and a pressure-balanced bi-rotational pump that ensures maximum efficiency. 

This lift system can quietly and smoothly raise your watercraft at a speed of one inch per second, with remote control operation coming standard to make the lifting process even easier. TruLift boat lift systems of 8,000 capacity and up have full-length vinyl bunks included to make them suitable for any watercraft as well as rails and bunks for V-hulls, sailboats, and pontoons. 

TruLift is also compatible with other ShoreMaster products and dock accessories and can fit right into your ShoreMaster system along with everything else. It can become an immediate part of your waterfront’s performance.

TruLift by ShoreMaster

TruLift’s pure hydraulic design gives you the performance you need and want, while the high-quality engineering and construction give you peace of mind. In addition, the welded construction is guaranteed to full capacity — another comforting fact, considering we’re willing to stand by our product and manufacturing. 

For more information on TruLift or any of ShoreMaster’s other products, or if you have questions about waterfront life that only a ShoreMaster dealer can answer, get in touch with a ShoreMaster dealer in your area through our website.