October 19, 2023

Fishing and Boating Tournaments and Events in Otter Tail County, MN

Fishing and Boating Tournaments and Events in Otter Tail County, MN

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

Fishing can be a peaceful, solitary hobby—but there’s nothing like going out and getting in touch with  nature. There’s also something to be said about taking competition and your hobbies to the next level. If you want to breathe new life into your Otter Tail fishing hobby, look for fishing and boating events in Otter Tail County, MN.

Minnesota anglers have it all—the fishing in our state is good any time of the year, whether it’s hot and sunny or freezing cold. It’s no wonder that there are so many Otter tail boating and fishing events on the Minnesota waters. If you’re looking to put your skills to the test, connect with other waterfront enthusiasts, or check an item off of your bucket list, Minnesota will have you entertained and engaged all year long.

Minnesota has many lakes, and each one has a handful of tournaments to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a small tournament to try or a more cutthroat competition, there’s sure to be something that suits your style. An official list of state tournaments, as well as updates and other information on those events, can be found on the Minnesota DNR website. For now, though, let’s look at some of the highlights that anglers and boaters in Otter Tail County, MN, look forward to each season.

Water’s Edge Fishing Tournament

The annual Water’s Edge Fishing Tournament is a premiere fishing event in Minnesota. It’s best to register early to ensure you can get in on the action. There are cash payouts for the first 10 places in the tournament and an additional payout to the highest-placing team using a Lund boat. One team member must be present for day one registration. The tournament starts bright and early on Saturday morning, with dinner, door prizes, and the awards ceremony following later in the evening. The tournament registration fees and proceeds fund full and partial scholarships to Trout Lake Camp to give participants a memorable, impactful camping experience. 

Lund Mania Fishing Tournament

The Lund Mania and Summer Celebration—75 years of boating history as of July 2023—is an event for the whole family that celebrates the manufacture of Lund Boats in the area. In addition to the fishing tournament itself, there are parades, street dances, local food vendors, boat races, raffles and auctions, and plenty of places to play on and off the water. Even if you don’t take home a prize in the fishing tournament—or not everyone in your family or group enjoys fishing—you’re sure to take home some great family memories at the very least.

Minnesota Public Power Walleye Tournament

Rush Lake is home to the one-day Minnesota Public Power Walleye Tournament. A catch, photo, and release format is used for the walleye competition, and prizes are given for the largest catch. Harvested fish must comply with state regulations. Competitors can take six walleyes or fewer that must be weighed at the official tournament weigh station—only one can be 20 inches or greater. Once you’re done competing in the tournament, join your fellow competitors for a fish fry on the same beach where the competition is held. Entry fees and other proceeds go toward line work training programs in Minnesota. 

Reel Country Classic 2-Day Fishing Tournament

This annual tournament hosted by 102.3 KRCQ allows two-person teams of anglers to put their skills to the test for the chance to win cash prizes. The contest requires you to have a valid fishing license as well as follow all of Minnesota’s state guidelines about fishing. You’re also invited to join the other teams for dinner before the awards ceremony. Full rules for the competition are available online.

PWT Super Pro Qualifier

Thousands of pro walleye fishers from around the world come together for the Super Pro series. This is one of the most exciting events in west-central Minnesota. Anglers take advantage of different natural features, techniques, and equipment to hunt down the largest catch. Many prizes are given out, and thousands of fishing enthusiasts join the crowd to watch everything happen. Keep an eye out for more information on the Otter Tail County event!

Having Your Own Event?

Your event might not be as large as Otter Tail County events and festivals scheduled throughout the year, but a lot of people host their own events on the water, and so can you. But Minnesota requires a permit when you host these larger waterfront events. Any organized gathering of people on public or state waters that could impact the natural resources and waterways is considered an event that requires a permit from the Sheriff. More details can be found in Minnesota State Statute 86B.121.

When it comes to your private waters, though, there’s not much stopping you from having a good time fishing, boating, or whatever else you and your loved ones enjoy on the water. ShoreMaster’s headquarters are in Minnesota, and we love that our local dock dealers know the water as well as you can and can give expert advice on what works best for you. Talk to your local ShoreMaster dealer about Otter Tail County boat dock options, fishing accessories, and more that can make your waterfront retreat everything you want and more.