Posted on March 18, 2021

What are the Different Styles of Ports?

What are the Different Styles of Ports?

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

Your PWC watercraft might not demand as much of the shoreline as bigger boats, but it still deserves the safety and care that dry-docking offers. A PWC port is a quick, convenient way to launch and dock your craft at the edge of the water, and with a variety of options, you’re sure to find one that fits yours perfectly. ShoreMaster carries four models to accommodate any PWC: ShorePort, HydroPort Pro, HydroPort Extreme, and HydroPort Epic.

ShoreMaster ShorePort


Drive-on personal watercraft storage doesn’t get much easier than ShorePort PWC port. It’s easy to use, own, and attach to nearly any floating, standing, or wheel-in dock system (or to be a stand-alone dock). It has modular, rotationally-molded construction for a virtually maintenance-free way to store a single watercraft (or multiple if connected to other units). It features a textured, slip-resistant surface for walking, an 8” tie-down cleat, and three adjustable polyurethane rollers to accommodate a variety of PWC.

HydroPort Pro

For a basic jet ski dock, the HydroPort Pro is a good choice. It features front and side mounting options to attach to your dock or other HP Pro units. Its in-line rollers have limited adjustability to help accommodate your watercraft and its bow stop allows for gentle docking.

HydroPort Extreme

Our most common unit for a reason. Customers love the ability to mount HP Extreme from the front or side and the unlimited adjustability of the in-line rollers. Patented air pillow bow stop protects your PWC as you drive on, and anti-skid flat walking surfaces protect you as you’re entering and leaving the water. HP Extreme, like HP Epic, also has a freestanding option.

HydroPort Epic

ShoreMaster’s newest and best unit. Like the other ports, it can mount on the front or side and has in-line rollers with unlimited adjustability. HP Epic also improves on what the earlier models did: it features an air pillow bow bumper, wider anti-skid walking surfaces, enhanced drainage for water and debris, and improved entry. HP Extreme and HP Epic can connect seamless and feature many of the same mooring options and connection kits.

ShoreMaster PWC Ports

ShoreMaster has been a waterfront dock and lift industry leader for decades, and we’re here to help personal watercraft owners across the U.S. and Canada find their ideal waterfront system. Whether you’re looking for a dock, a port, or an accessory, we have the perfect piece to complete your shoreline. For more information on what would work best for you, contact a local ShoreMaster dealer.


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