Posted on March 25, 2021

Dealer Spotlight: Center Harbor Super Dock - Lake Winnipesaukee Boat Dealers

Dealer Spotlight – Center Harbor Super Dock

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

At ShoreMaster, we think of every vendor in our dealer network as part of our waterfront family. They love our products, and we want to share the love with them and our customers. This has been a challenging year for a lot of vendors in our industry, but our dealers rose to the occasion and we appreciate them for it. We decided to ask recent Gold Dealer Award winner Center Harbor Super Dock about themselves and what they do.

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The History of Center Harbor Super Dock

Center Harbor Super Dock has been serving Lake Winnipesaukee and surrounding areas since 1974. It began as a business that sold mostly brackets and casings but then expanded into a company that caters to many different docking needs. They not only sell ShoreMaster aluminum boat docks and boat dock accessories but they also offer docking hardware repair, installation, and securing of the permits necessary to build and install docks on the water. With 39 years of experience, they help customers at every step of the boat dock setup process. 

Favorite ShoreMaster Products and Qualities

ShoreMaster’s camaraderie and long-standing relationships are something that Center Harbor Super Dock appreciates. They’ve been talking to the same people for years and look forward to the conversations every single time. The Infinity RS4 Sectional Dock is a popular product among their customers. It’s an easy system to set up and take down without needing to hire someone else, which are important qualities for a dock to have in an area that sees a lot of wintertime ice.

Favorite ShoreMaster Story

Center Harbor Super Dock has several waterfront experts of their own whose advice we’ve taken before. When they noticed something about the RS4 dock that could be changed, they initiated a conversation with us. We brought it to development, looked at what could be done, and made changes. They were impressed with our commitment to innovation even on already great products and our attention to detail and improvements.

Why Buy from an Authorized Dealer?

Because there are some things you shouldn’t DIY. If you try to build your own dock, you’re probably going to make it out of wood, which means it won’t last as long. You’re also likely to struggle with getting it into and out of the water each year, especially if you don’t make it the right way the first time. A ShoreMaster authorized dealer can take the guesswork out of what you need by making it simple to put together and add on to your own dock system while leaving the possibility open for changes in the future.

Waterfront Products and Services in New Hampshire

Center Harbor Super Dock exemplifies what it means to be an expert on the local water. They provide great customer service, do the job right the first time, and do the extra work that a lot of other companies won’t. Customers in Lake Winnipesaukee and surrounding NH areas can contact Center Harbor Super Dock for answers to their waterfront and product questions or to schedule a consultation. Anyone looking for information on ShoreMaster products and options best suited for their local water can get in touch with a local ShoreMaster dealer.


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