Posted on June 20, 2019

What Does Your Dock Say About You?

What Does Your Dock Say About You?

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

The well-designed boat dock is one that enhances the appearance of the waterfront and has all of the functions that the discerning boat owner wants and needs. Your boat dock is more than a place where you park your boat when you’re not using it — it’s also the center of any number of activities that you do on your waterfront. ShoreMaster has the greatest number of boat dock accessories available out of anyone in the industry, so we’ve noticed some themes. Here’s what your dock says about you, based on what you put on it.

The Seasonal Seafarer

Boat dock owners don’t want to worry about the changing seasons, so they get boat docks that change just as easily. These boat dock accessories might not be the most flashy, but they’re practical and convenient. Durable, lightweight aluminum is a great material for any seasonal dock that needs to last from season to season. Seasonal dock owners can also add polyethylene tires, shore-end wheel kits, wheel axle adaptors, and tow hitches to make seasonal dock removal easier. A winch leveling kit or dock screw legs are both great options for boat docks that need to adjust to changing water conditions.

The Lounging Legend

The outdoor entertainer can make any dock the place to be, and boat dock accessories from ShoreMaster can help. We have premium and standard dock furniture that can be customized for your ideal look. We also have on-deck and off-deck lake view bench options, depending on your dock space, and Grace Air seating for waterfront comfort. Put some furniture on either side of a dockside fire table and you have a recipe for a perfect cozy night on the water.

The Watersports Winner

Boating isn’t the only thing you can do on the water. Swimmers and other watersports fans love dock steps and ladders for the easy water access they provide. Watersport or paddleboard racks are great for those that want their equipment nearby but not cluttering up the dock. Fishers might get a fishing rod holder that they can put anywhere along the perimeter of the dock, and those who want to cook what they catch might take advantage of a dockside fish cleaning table.

The Bodacious Boater

Boating enthusiasts want to protect their investments, and ShoreMaster has boat dock accessories that can help. Dock cleats let boaters moor their craft, and dock bumpers and adapters keep both your dock and your boat free from damage. Rails for any boat can be added along the edge of a dock for the safety-conscious owner, and canopy and dock lights can keep your dock lit well into the night and early in the morning, meaning a safe time on the water even when the sun isn’t out.

Find Your Perfect Boat Dock Accessories from ShoreMaster

No matter what your idea of a good time on the water is, a fully-accessorized ShoreMaster dock means that you take your waterfront seriously. We have an industry-leading number of accessories and top-of-the-line quality that can only come from years of waterfront expertise. Get started on customizing your perfect dock by contacting ShoreMaster or a ShoreMaster dealer near you.


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