Posted on September 16, 2021

What’s Included When You Buy a Boat Lift?

What’s Included When You Buy a Boat Lift?

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

You want your waterfront to be perfect before setting out, which means getting together everything you need to set up your dock and boat lift ahead of time. Before you buy a vertical boat lift system, though, you’ll want to look at what’s included with your purchase and what you’ll need to get separately. After all, you don’t want to go without something crucial! Here’s what ShoreMaster includes with our boat lift models and the accessory options that we have available.

ShoreMaster Vertical Lifts with Blue Canopies and Infinity TS9 with Gray Glacier

Boat Lift Models

Vertical Lift 12624 Models come with a lift bundle, winch, hardware box, and wheel. The lift doesn’t come with bunks or guides, so you’ll need to buy those separately.

Vertical Lift 2208-6010 Models include a lift bundle, winch, and hardware box. Wheel or motor, bunks or cradles, and guides are not included.

Vertical Lift 7010 Models include a lift bundle, integrated motor, and hardware box. You’ll need to purchase the guides separately, and bunks are not included on the standard lift.

Pontoon Lifts include the lift bundle, winch, hardware box, and bunk/guide kit. A wheel or motor and guides are not included.

Bunk Options

ShoreMaster bunks are compatible with vertical, hydraulic, or PWC lifts. They come in 8’, 11’, and 14’ lengths. You can choose vinyl-covered aluminum or carpet-covered wood.

Guide Options

Full-length guides are sold as pairs, work with vertical and hydraulic lifts, and are vertically and horizontally adjustable. Choose between 11’ and 14’ lengths.

PWC guide-ons are available in single and double sets and consist of an aluminum frame and PVC guide tube. They’re compatible with vertical, hydraulic, and pontoon lifts.

Bow guides for vertical and hydraulic lifts help correctly position the watercraft on the lift and consist of an aluminum frame and vinyl front bumper.

Motor stops are an aluminum frame with a vinyl bunker for vertical and hydraulic lifts. There are individual units for straight racks and V- or bent racks.

Pontoon Accessories

For converting a vertical or hydraulic lift to a pontoon lift, you’ll need the pontoon rail kit to accommodate nearly any pontoon. It contains a set of four welded aluminum rail brackets (a wood rail is sold separately).

Pontoon motor stops are aluminum frames with vinyl bumpers, work with vertical and hydraulic lifts, and are sold in individual units for straight rack and V- or bent rack lifts.

Motor Options

Lift Boss motors come in 12/24 V or 120 V options with key turn, pendant, or wireless operation. It’s easy to install and includes Whisper Winch.

Lift Mate comes in 12 V or 110 V options. It has a universal design that works with any wheel-operated boat lift and has a toggle switch operation.

Motor Accessories

ShoreMaster also has accessories you can add to your motor. Consider a canopy or leg-mounted battery tray, solar panel, or canopy light.

Canopy Frames

Traditional ad hip roof canopy frames include the frame bundle or two sides and two ends, along with the hardware to put it together. Canopy legs, covers, and the bracing you’ll need for 27’ or larger frames are purchased separately.

ShoreMaster Boat Lift Accessories & Parts

With our over 30 years of experience, engineering expertise, and knowledgeable customer support staff, ShoreMaster remains an industry leader. No matter what kind of boat lift model you need, we can help you create the perfect system for your shore. To get a price on a boat lift system or to have any of your product or installation questions answered, contact a ShoreMaster dealer near you.

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