Posted on September 23, 2021

Understanding Your ShoreMaster Boat Lift Weight

How Much Do ShoreMaster Boat Lifts Weigh?

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

If you’re a boater, who has to get a lift into the water, the weight of your boat lift matters. Lighter lifts are easier to install, after all. Most vertical lifts will be between 400 and 600 pounds, with another 40 to 50 added on top for the winch or motor. Bigger hydraulic boat lifts are closer to 900 and 1,200 pounds.

ShoreMaster boat lifts are made from aluminum, making them as durable as they are lightweight, low-maintenance, and easy to install and own. Dime-welded construction means fewer pieces that need to be assembled on the shore beforehand, and accessories can be added to truly customize your experience.

ShoreMaster Vertical Lift

Vertical Boat Lifts

ShoreMaster’s vertical boat lift has been the ultimate in reliability and performance for decades—there’s a reason it’s the most trusted lift in the industry. A double v-side design makes accessing your boat much easier, and it’s easy to install and own. Whisper Winch means quiet operation, and with the addition of a boat lift, motor lifting is as easy as pushing a button. Our lifts have up to 66” rack travel and work with v-hulls, sailboats, and pontoons.

ShoreMaster Vertical boat lifts range from 165 to 695 pounds. Vertical lifts have capacities from 2,200 to 7,000 pounds.

Hydraulic Boat Lifts

For faster, powered, convenient performance, hydraulic boat lifts are the way to go. They have a traditional hydraulic design with a bi-rotational pump for high efficiency, minimal maintenance, and hassle-free operation. This time-tested, true hydraulic design combined with premium components and ShoreMaster engineering means complete peace of mind. Remote control comes standard with hydraulic lifts, and they can be accessorized to accommodate nearly any watercraft. A lay-flat cantilever design means that the hydraulic lift works just as well in low or fluctuating water as it does in deep water, although lift travels from 48” to 60” are available. 

Hydraulic boat lifts weigh between 425 to 1,600 pounds. They are available in capacities from 6,000 to 12,500 pounds (8,000 to 12,500 pounds for the TruLift design) and can lift at a speed of one inch per second.

Boat Lifts from ShoreMaster

ShoreMaster has been making waterfront customers happy for decades, and we’re continuously improving on what makes our premium boat docks and lifts. We pioneered the aluminum boat lift and are looking into innovations to make them even better. For more information on our products, contact a local ShoreMaster dealer.