April 20, 2023

Benefits and Insights for Removable Dock Decking Panels

Why Choose Removable Decking Panels For Your Dock System

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

ShoreMaster believes in solid, one-piece construction aluminum dock frames. We choose to use removable decking panels for our dock systems because it allows for greater DIY potential, makes our dock systems easier to own, allows for greater customization options on an already highly customizable system, and proves that our dock systems are stable at the frame level.

Many boat dock manufacturers create their boat dock systems as complete units, with the frame and decking incorporated into one unit permanently stuck together. For PWC docking platforms and other systems, that approach might work. For boat docks, though, ShoreMaster takes more of a unique approach. While the frames for our boat docks are all dime-welded aluminum that comes together in as few pieces as possible, our decking panels for our dock systems are removable.

There are a few reasons that we choose to make our decking panels this way, and they’re the same reasons why we think your boat dock system would benefit from removable panels as well. In general, it makes your boat dock system easier to own, maintain, assemble, install, and remove. It’s also the mark of a dock system frame that can be secure and stable without relying on the decking panels to do the heavy lifting. Here’s why we love removable deck panels on ShoreMaster dock systems and think you will, too.

Glacier Decking

DIY Potential

Many ShoreMaster customers are handy folks, and we want to ensure that things are as easy for them as they are for other customers. Removable deck panels mean an overall much lighter system, which is much easier to manage with help from a couple of friends or neighbors. It also makes assembly, installation, and removal so much easier. For the seasonal waterfront owner, fall and winter storage is a lot easier because it’s easier to stack dock legs, frames, and decking panels than it is to keep an entire system intact and try to make it fit on the shore somewhere. 

Easy Ownership 

Even if you’re not especially inclined toward the DIY side of things, ShoreMaster docks with removable deck panels are also a great fit for you. That easier assembly, installation, and removal doesn’t go away just because you’re not doing all of the work on your own (and by the way, a local dealer can provide installation help—ask yours for more information). That’s not the only part of ownership that becomes easier, though.

Removable decking panels mean upgrades are a lot easier and cheaper. Instead of needing to replace your entire system when a few panels are looking aged or get damaged or lost, you can pop out those panels and buy replacements for a fraction of the cost of a total system makeover, which is what you’d be stuck with if your decking panels were permanently attached to your dock frame.

Greater Customization Options

The ability to swap out decking panels means you can get a wide variety of potential customization options, especially if you choose a manufacturer like ShoreMaster, with plenty of dock and decking options. ShoreMaster’s dealer network has access to the ShoreMaster catalog of options, which means 11 different decking options (different materials, sizes, and colors) and four different dock styles—that means 44 possible combinations and ways to make your dock system truly your own.

Greater Stability from ShoreMaster Deck Panels

ShoreMaster has the greatest number of dock decking panel options in the industry, but we don’t rely on those panels to hold our docks together. We offer removable decking panels because our welded aluminum dock frames keep ShoreMaster docks stable and secure, not the decking panels. The decking panels look good, feel good, and support your weight as you walk on them to get to the water or your boat, not to provide crucial support to the dock system itself. ShoreMaster docks are durable because they feature precision welding, center stringers, and superior truss and rail side construction. While your dock wouldn’t be complete without the decking, removable deck panels are another way that ShoreMaster demonstrates our attention to detail and marine engineering expertise.

Want to get started on your own ShoreMaster waterfront system? Have questions about what would work best for your water? We have an extensive dealer network across North America, which includes someone in your area. Contact us online so that we can put you in touch with your local ShoreMaster dealer.