April 6, 2023

Shop Otter Tail County Boat Lift Types & Boat Dock Options | ShoreMaster

Shop Otter Tail County Boat Lift Types & Boat Dock Options | ShoreMaster

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

The best boat dock and boat lifts for Otter Tail County will have flexible layouts, allow water to flow freely through them, and fit within local regulations—which all ShoreMaster products do.

Looking for the best boat docks and boat lifts for your otter Tail County waterfront? Check out your local ShoreMaster dealer!

Don’t forget to follow your local regulations! Otter Tail County’s Dock and Lift Registry requires waterfront (riparian) property owners to register their boat docks or boat lifts when moving into different waters. Call 218-998-8113 to register your equipment or do it online.

Boat on Dock

How To Install a Boat Lift

Your boat lift installation will depend on what type of boat lift you’ve chosen, which will determine how it’s secured in the water and attached to the shore as well as which parts need your attention (or better yet, professional inspection). No matter what you get, it’s best that your boat lift is assembled on shore and that you have all the tools and parts you need before moving it into the water. 

How To Install a Boat Dock

Boat dock installation will likely go similarly to boat lift installation, with some changes because of the potential for a longer system. When assembling a boat dock, start with the sections furthest out on the water and gradually move the entire system out into the water by connecting closer sections. Again, make sure that all of the pieces and parts are readily available before you get started.

How Much Does It Cost To Install a Boat Lift?

It will probably cost the same amount of money to move just about any boat lift you purchase, as they will need to be transported to your waterfront somehow. We recommend that for your first annual installation, you get the help of a professional from your local boat lift dealer, who can offer you more guidance on pricing. For the years after that, if you’re pretty handy or have some very helpful friends, ShoreMaster boat lifts and docks feature designs that are easy for owners to install on their own.

What Are the Different Types of Boat Lifts?

Boat lifts come in different sizes depending on the watercraft that they need to lift, but they come in a few different varieties. For PWC or other smaller watercraft, drive-on ports are available. Vertical and hydraulic boat lifts exist, depending on whether a manual, motorized, or pure hydraulic operation is preferred. Boat lifts can stand on legs or wheels or float on the water’s surface like docks.

What Are the Different Types of Boat Docks?

There are three types of boat docks (and plenty of dock accessories to go with them) that ShoreMaster sells that would be perfect for Otter Tail County residents. Sectional dock systems fit together in pieces and stand on legs in the water. Wheel-in dock systems are similar but have wheels and axles attached to them to make transitions between water and the shore easier. Floating docks that float on the water’s surface and are held in place with anchors are also an option. See what your neighbors use and ask your ShoreMaster dealer for their advice!

Whatever type of boat dock you’re looking for, you can find one with your Otter Tail County, MN ShoreMaster dealer. Your local dealer will have access and expertise on the widest array of boat dock and boat lift accessories in the industry as well as everything that makes your waterfront unique. Get in touch with a ShoreMaster dealer in Otter Tail County (or wherever you call home) by contacting ShoreMaster online.