January 5, 2023

Why Our Vertical Boat Lift System Is Most Trusted by the Industry

Why Our Vertical Boat Lift System Is Most Trusted by the Industry

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

At ShoreMaster, we know our way around premium boat lifts. We were the originators of the welded aluminum vertical lift, and we’re proud to carry our tradition of excellence and innovation forward into our future. Our vertical lift systems are the ultimate in reliability and performance and have been for decades, and when it comes to keeping your boat safely out of the water, you want the best option on the market. Here are some ways that our boat lift systems are the most trusted in the industry and why boat owners across the country have been proud to own ShoreMaster vertical boat lifts for years.

ShoreMaster Infinity TS9 with Gray Glacier Decking and Vertical Lift with Blue Canopy Cover

Excellent Materials and Construction

It’s no secret that we love our marine-grade, dime-welded aluminum at ShoreMaster, and we use it in the frame construction of our vertical boat lift systems. Aluminum is a durable metal that doesn’t rust like steel (especially in saltwater), warp like wood, or become brittle like plastics, making it an ideal material for many waterfronts. Our hardware, brass hardware, and cables are all stainless steel for durability. The double v-side design means that you have easy access to your watercraft, and our ShoreMaster exclusive Whisper Winch offers the industry’s quietest operation, making your time on the water just as peaceful and fun as it needs to be (and with an added boat lift motor, you can get that quiet convenience with the push of a button).

Easy Assembly and Installation

ShoreMaster vertical lifts offer the industry’s easiest installation and assembly. Our eight-piece design means that you’re not struggling with several components making sure that everything is perfect, and you could knock out the project in a weekend (but we’re happy to help if you’d like a professional touch). What’s even better is that aluminum isn’t just a highly durable metal: it’s also very lightweight, which means that getting your boat lift into and out of the water is much easier than it would be with any other materials.

Options for Your Watercraft

No matter what watercraft you have, we have options that can be customized to your boat. ShoreMaster vertical boat lift systems are available in weight capacities ranging from 2,200 to 7,000 pounds, so you can ensure that your boat and everything on it is properly secured and safely held above the water. Because different boat types and hull shapes affect how your boat is supported on a boat lift, we offer rails and bunks for V-hulls, sailboats, and pontoons alike. If you decide to upgrade your boat down the line, it might be possible to use the same vertical boat lift system you were using for your old boat with some modifications—ask a ShoreMaster dealer for more information on the options that work for you.

ShoreMaster Vertical Boat Lift Systems

For over 50 years, ShoreMaster has been a leader and innovator in the world of waterfront products. The entire time we’ve been in the market, we’ve improved our technology and designs. We’re proud to keep on improving and using the best products possible to ensure our fellow waterfront enthusiasts and boat lovers have the best possible experience. For more information on the best available products and boat lift accessories in the market today and the team that stands behind them, get in touch with a local ShoreMaster dealer