Posted on December 29, 2022

Why You Need a Boat Lift Canopy

Why You Need a Boat Lift Canopy

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

Your boat lift makes storing, accessing, cleaning, and maintaining your boat easier. However, while it keeps your boat safe from water-based hazards when it’s not in use, a boat lift isn’t the only way to keep your boat safe. Putting a canopy over your boat lift can help protect your boat by protecting it from hazards above the water.

ShoreMaster Infinity RS7 with IPE Decking and Vertical Lift with Black Canopy

Stormy Weather

A sudden rainstorm can ruin any boat outing, but it can also do a number on your boat. Having a boat lift canopy over your boat when it’s not in use protects it without needing you to anticipate the weather. Marine-grade upholstery and other materials are durable, but you still shouldn’t leave them out in the rain or exposed to flying debris.


UV radiation can discolor and break down many boat components, but your boat lift canopy can stop that damage from happening. Keeping your boat in the shade of a canopy keeps it from being subject to sun fading, which is especially important in the sunny boating season. As an added bonus, the shade makes sitting on your boat much more comfortable.


Seagulls, geese, and other water birds are extremely messy, especially where boats are concerned. Add filleted fish or beachside food, and birds will be tempted to treat your boat like restaurant seating. Keep waterfowl and the things they leave behind off of your boat with a boat lift cover.

Other People

Most people are decent and won’t damage boats intentionally. However, accidents can happen, especially when fishermen are slinging lures and hooks around your boat’s upholstery. Boat lift canopies prevent anyone and anything from accessing your boat through the top.

ShoreMaster Boat Lift Canopies

A boat lift canopy is a better fit for a boat lift than a boat cover. It gives you the complete, immediate protection your boat needs while keeping it accessible and ready to go when you need it. Save yourself the effort of trailering and covering your boat and invest in a boat lift with a canopy frame and cover. For questions about what boat canopy configuration would work best for your shoreline, get in touch with a local ShoreMaster dealer.