#ONPOLYDOCK, Every Step is a Story


PolyDock floating docks are built to go where other docks don’t. Built to survive in places where words like “maintenance” are frowned upon. Built to make your stories BETTER WITH EVERY STEP.

PolyDock is a modular, rotationally molded, polyethylene floating dock system designed to look great at your shoreline, and provide you with exceptional value for years. The recessed areas on the bottom of each section help to provide stability between the dock and the surface of the water. This means less movement as you walk the length and width of your dock system. PolyDock is designed to feel firm underfoot along the length and width of its slip-resistant brick patterned surface, so you and your family will enjoy every day spent on your PolyDock modular floating dock system.

PolyDock Products

PolyDock Product Features


  • Premium stability on water
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Safe, slip-resist surface
  • Easy to install, easy to own
  • Modular design with unlimited versatility
  • Hydrophobic vent to accommodate changing climates and temperatures
  • Aesthetically pleasing brick pattern design
  • Cool-to-the-touch tan coloring
  • Variety of anchoring options to suit just about any shoreline
  • Environmentally friendly production
  • Available in two colors: Tan and Gray


PolyDock System Studio

Specifications and Technical Information

Each PolyDock modular floating dock section consists of a polyethylene single cavity, hollow, non-foam filled float structure that consists of an integrated deck surface and flotation. The deck surface features a herringbone brick pattern, the spaces between each molded brick are no greater than 3/8″ wide and 1/2″ deep and allow for water drainage from the deck surface. Each brick in the herringbone pattern is approximately 4″ x 8″ except where the full brick pattern is not feasible as part of the pattern. Dock sections have a nominal wall thickness of .250 inches. Due to manufacturing tolerances in the rotational molding process, actual weights and dimensions may vary slightly from those listed below.


PolyDock Section Sizes and Specifications

Section Size 3 x 10 4 x 10 5 x 10 4 x 6 6 x 8
Width 36.4" 50.9" 65.5" 50.9" 72.7"
Length 123.7" 123.7" 123.7" 72.7" 101.7"
Height 16" 16" 16" 16" 16"
Weight 200 lbs 265 lbs 340 lbs 160 lbs 330 lbs
Capacity 1875 lbs 2625 lbs 3375 lbs 1550 lbs 3075 lbs

Recessed Area / Trapped Air Design

Underneath each section of PolyDock floating docks are compartments molded into the dock section that serve to capture and retain trapped air. PolyDock Products utilizes this trapped air design to help improve overall dock stability and buoyancy. The unique design of PolyDock floating dock’s trapped air compartments acts in two ways to make it one of the most, if not the most stable floating docks in its class. First, PolyDock’s trapped air compartments actually add to the overall flotation capacity of each dock section. Second, the design of PolyDock’s trapped air compartments create a negative force, or suction, that acts like a vacuum to keep the dock firmly positioned in the water.

PolyDock bottom CAD

“Kiss-Offs” Bolster the Walking Surface

Just beneath the ultra-firm, non-spongy walking surface of each PolyDock section are hundreds of “Kiss-Offs”. These Kiss-Offs are an important part of the overall structural integrity of the PolyDock floating dock system and a major contributor to the sense of stability one can experience when walking on the PolyDock system. The Kiss-Offs are created during the PolyDock system’s rotational molding process and they act to fuse the interior of the PolyDock section to the bottom of the walking surface. They act as both a support and a foundation for the surface of the dock section much like hundreds of little pillars in typical building construction, plus, they prevent the dock surface from “ballooning” during warm weather conditions. 

PolyDock Kiss Off
a row of boats sitting next to each other on a pier


Residential, Municipal, Marina, Commercial or anything in between - PolyDock are there. PolyDock dock systems are well suited to fit a wide variety of applications thanks to the ease of installation, incredible configurability, and aesthetic appeal.

PolyDock Dock Builder


The PolyDock Builder is the quickest and easiest way to plan, design and receive a price quote on a new PolyDock modular floating dock system. When you save your design you can send it to a dealer, save it for future reference, and you can submit your design for a quick, no obligation quote on the PolyDock system of your dreams.