You’re just as likely to find RhinoDock in a single slip, residential application as you are to find RhinoDock configured as a multi-slip, full-service marina at a resort, campground, or restaurant. RhinoDock is the best dock choice for smart waterfront property owners looking to add value to their home or income to their business. RhinoDock can be configured with, or without our premium roof system, and can accommodate nearly any layout design or any number of slip requirements. RhinoDock components are pre-engineered and designed to be incredibly stable, and the additional mass provided by our premium concrete decking makes it one of the most stable dock systems on the market.

RhinoDock Upper Deck
Unbeatable Stability and Strength

A 12-inch truss frame, concrete decking and more mean RhinoDock™ steel systems offer a level of security and stability that an aluminum floating system cannot match.


A Perfect Fit for Your Unique Needs

You are in control - from the number of slips to the roof style and roof color, decking accessories, and beyond - your dock is uniquely yours.


Premium Protection with Peace of Mind

RhinoFloat® flotation provide superior capacity, extreme puncture resistance, and are environmentally safe.


Designed for the Harshest Conditions

Originally developed in the harshest conditions of the Lake of the Ozarks, our floating dock is time tested to withstand the harshest marine conditions.

Steel Lift


Superior structural design combined with a galvanized steel frame and concrete decking and the premium RhinoFloat dock flotation make RhinoDock the most stable floating dock system on the market. When you’ve walked on a RhinoDock, and felt it’s stability for yourself, you won’t want any other brand of floating dock system.

Rhinodock diagram