RhinoDock floating steel dock systems offer the highest level of dock stability and performance. With RhinoDock, your floating steel dock system can become an extension of your home – providing your family with a safe, secure dock system that is unmatched in its stability and rough water performance. RhinoDock’s premium dock flotation is paired with concrete decking, and a marina-grade galvanized steel substructure, to make it the smartest floating dock choice for any waterfront property owner.

Upperdeck Rhino Dock


100% of the welding on a RhinoDock is performed in a controlled environment by skilled professionals using the latest MIG welding technology.



RhinoDock has invested in the development of many custom components, including aluminum extrusions, bumpers, castings, fasteners, decking, and trim. This dedication to excellence makes our docks as economical as possible, with a craftsman finish that would rival an estate home.



RhinoDock uses a 12” Truss Frame that is hot-dip galvanized. Couple that with solid through-bolt frame connections you have the most rigid, stable dock on the market.

Hip Roof Rhino Dock - front - Drone footage


Kit Dock Treated Lumber Decking Shed Platform



Conformable Aesthetics with Fresh Looks for Years

Rhino Marine Systems' wood decking adds value to your property. Your maintenance efforts will give you a pressure-treated project that looks bright and fresh for years to come! An additional benefit of treated lumber is its defense against rot and insect infestation. Each piece of lumber is unique and carries physical characteristics that may include the following.

Product Features:

  • Heat-resistant surface stays cool on hot Summer days
  • Uniform thickness, density, and appearance for stable and long-lasting performance
  • No two pieces of lumber are the same.
  • Available for Aluminum and Steel RhinoDocks.
Upperdeck Rhino Dock

Concrete Pavers


Low-Maintenance Pavers with Durable Aesthetics

Rhino Marine Systems concrete pavers are among our most popular decking options. Concrete pavers will not degrade even with extensive exposure to sunlight and water. They are the most suitable material for heavy water conditions. You’ll enjoy years of hassle-free ownership as pavers are impervious to insect damage, rot, and other types of decay.

Product Features:

  • Can be tailored in thickness and reinforcement to handle heavy loads.
  • Easily Removed: Allows easy conduit access to the dock structure.
  • Heavy: The most suitable material for heavy water conditions.
  • Available for Aluminum and Steel RhinoDocks.


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