Premium Flotation for Superior Stability


The FTS9 is a smart choice because it can go anywhere a standing or wheel-in dock can, plus locations they cannot, like deep water or an extremely muddy and soft lake bottom. With the FTS9, you’ll never worry about adjusting your dock system to accommodate fluctuating water depth.

Premium Dock Flotation

ShoreMaster uses its own premium rotationally molded dock floats. These premium dock floats, along with our dime-welded construction, add remarkable stability and durability.

Remarkable Strength

Featuring a 9” classic truss side frame, the Floating FTS9 is provides superior strength and durability. With a continuous truss stringer and precision dime-welded construction the FTS9 is built to withstand the rigors of seasonal and fluctuating waters.

InfinityTrack Accessories

The InfinityTrack™ accessory system makes it easy to install and remove accessories without tools.

9 Premium Decking Options

An industry-leading 9 premium decking options to help personal your dock system.

ShoreMaster Infinity FTS9 Dock
Person jumping off Infinity FTS9 Floating Dock


The Floating FTS9 is the perfect choice for shallow, deep, and fluctuating water conditions. Premium dock flotation and a strong truss frame create an incredibly stable floating dock system that looks great and requires minimal maintenance.

Product Features:

  • 9” Classic Truss Side Design


  • Premium, Rotationally Molded Dock Flotation


  • Lightweight Aluminum Frame System with Precision Welded Construction


  • QC Frame Assembly (No Holes to Drill, Simple T-Handle Installation and Adjustments)


  • 4’ and 6’ Wide Frame Sections


  • High-End Seamless Decking Options


  • InfinityTrack Accessory System

With 9 premium decking options, InfinityTrack dock accessories, and easy installation, the Floating FTS9 from ShoreMaster is the only line of docks with the floating, classic truss design that provides a user easy configurability and total customization. Dock owners looking for a floating dock system with strength and durability choose the Floating FTS9.

Floating FTS9 Dock Sections Available:

Section Size

Frame Weight*

2’ x 4’

18 lbs

4’ x 4’

30 lbs

4’ x 8’

61 lbs

4’ x 16’

102 lbs

6’ x 8’

70 lbs

6’ x 16’

120 lbs

3’ Corner

19 lbs

*Frame section only – not inclusive of floats

ShoreMaster Infinity FTS9 Dock





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