Posted on July 15, 2021

3 Effective Strategies for a Balanced Boat Lift

3 Proven Strategies to Get Your Boat Level on Your Lift

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

Proper alignment on a boat lift is crucial for keeping your boat and your lift performing reliably season after season. If your boat doesn’t sit on your lift correctly, it can fill up with water instead of draining naturally, which can cause a lot of damage to your boat, lift, and dock. Avoid that catastrophe by doing everything you can to make sure you’re loading your boat on the lift and keeping it level. These three tips can help.

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Get Your Lift Level

The best way to get your boat level on your lift is to make sure that your lift is level in the first place. The front and rear of your lift should be level to each other to distribute the pressure and weight of your boat more effectively. In many cases, the back legs will be longer than the front legs if the slope of the shoreline goes down, and depending on your waterfront, there might be changes between seasons. Ensure that you keep all of this in mind before your boat ever hits the water, and make sure your lift is level during springtime installation.

Add Some Accessories

With a customizable dock system like the ones available from ShoreMaster, you can get boat lift accessories and parts to help you get your boat level on the lift and safely secure it. Guide-ons will prevent your watercraft from overrunning your lift. Adding bow guides to the side of the hoist gives you something to look at to help you center your boat before landing. Full-length, low-maintenance PVC guides along the side of your lift can help guide your watercraft into place easily. These add-ons might be simple, but they go a long way toward protecting your boat.

Go with the Flow

If your water depth fluctuates throughout the season, adjustable leveling legs might be a good fit for your dock. You should consider this option if you need the extra travel to accommodate moderate water level changes. Also, if you have concerns you might need to have flexibility season after season, adjustable legs will help you make sure that your boat lift is still useful no matter what your water does.

If, however, your water depth drops over the course of a season by 12 to 18 inches, you might be able to get away with changing where your rack beam is positioned instead of investing in adjustable legs. For example, for vertical lifts in the water around four feet deep, you can overcome a 12-inch drop by lowering the rack an additional 12 inches for entry and exit without adjusting the height of the entire boat lift.

ShoreMaster Infinity Boat Lift Systems

ShoreMaster has decades of waterfront and engineering experience. Our products are durable, high-quality, and stand the test of time. With ShoreMaster products, you get peace of mind and easy ownership no matter where your shore is. For more information on our boat dock accessories, Infinity Boat Lift Systems, installation help, or answers to any of your waterfront questions, contact a local ShoreMaster dealer that knows us and your water.


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