Posted on July 29, 2021

Dealer Spotlight: Zach’s Boat Lifts

Dealer Spotlight: Zach’s Boat Lifts

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

At ShoreMaster, we like to share our love for waterfront life and our love for dealers in our ShoreMaster family. Today, Zach’s Boat Lifts is in the spotlight. With incredible company values, an appreciation for hard work, and a highly dedicated and cooperative team, it’s easy to see why we love them.

Hip Roof Rhino Dock - front - Drone footage

The History of Zach’s Boat Lifts

Zach’s Boat Lifts began in 2004 in Union, Nebraska when a friend approached Zach Sherwin and asked for help selling and servicing boat lifts in the area. Zach loved the business of boat docks: the hustle, the working on the water, and meeting new customers all in his home state of Nebraska were a fulfilling combination. A few years later, that friend sold the company to Zach, and Zach’s Boat Lifts Service began selling and servicing boat lifts in the Eastern Nebraska area. He began selling and servicing ShoreMaster products in 2011, and today, Zach’s Boat Lifts is an eleven-person team that serves over 50 lakes in the area.

Favorite ShoreMaster Product

When customers purchase ShoreMaster, they’re going to be happy with them every single time thanks to the durability, engineering, and attention to detail. Our personal favorite, though, is the RhinoDock floating dock system—it’s the most reliable, stable, and dependable dock on the market. Because it floats, it works well for waterfronts with fluctuating water levels, and it comes with various customization options. We sell a ton of these, and no customer has ever regretted purchasing a RhinoDock.

Favorite ShoreMaster Quality

ShoreMaster is a responsive and agile partner to have in this business. Not only does their innovative spirit allow them to change with the times, but they’re great communicators. From online seminars and emails to annual dealer meetings and conference calls, there’s always an opportunity to learn, grow, and connect with other ShoreMaster dealers and teams. We’re personally familiar with several of their team members, facilities, and the engineers and developers that make their products. It’s clear that we’ve been a part of their team since the first day.

Why Buy from an Authorized Dealer?

Because you’re eventually going to need your boat dock serviced. No matter how high quality your boat docks and lifts are, there’s a lot involved in the technology that could break down. Service is around 90% of the business of being a boat lift and dock seller, so you want your boat lift dealer to be someone who genuinely cares about helping you and is passionate about helping you solve your problems. You won’t get better service people than you’ll find with an authorized dealer.

Quality Boat Lifts in Eastern Nebraska

Zach’s Boat Lifts has been a part of the ShoreMaster family for years. Their values set them apart, and their waterfront expertise and passion make them a great place to get your dock serviced if you’re on a Nebraska or Iowa lake. Customers in the area can contact Zach’s Boat Lifts for their boat dock product questions or to schedule a showroom visit. For anyone who wants information on which ShoreMaster products and options will work for their waterfront, regardless of location, get in touch with a local ShoreMaster dealer to get started.


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