June 1, 2023

Alexandria Boat Dock Options, Boat Lift Installation & Boat Lift Types | ShoreMaster

Alexandria Boat Dock Options, Boat Lift Installation & Boat Lift Types | ShoreMaster

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

Your Alexandria, Minnesota ShoreMaster dealer offers the best boat docks, lifts, and accessories in the industry. Get your ShoreMaster equipment close to home from someone who shares your water and has the expertise you can trust.

Minnesota is the land of a thousand lakes and ShoreMaster’s home. For our waterfront friends and family in Alexandria, we have a ShoreMaster dealer near you that can help you find the best boat docks, boat lifts, and accessories for your shore.

ShoreMaster Vertical Lifts

What Are the Different Types of Boat Lifts?

ShoreMaster has boat lifts in size options for just about every watercraft out there, from jet skis to pontoons. Here are the four main options that we have.

  • Drive-on ports for PWCs and other small craft.
  • Vertical lifts that can support v-hulls, sailboats, and pontoons depending on weight capacity. These will also have manual or motorized options for your lifting convenience.
  • Hydraulic boat lifts for the ease of motorized lifting but without the noise or maintenance.

Depending on your water depth and conditions, your dock must either be standing or floating. An authorized ShoreMaster dealer can point you to the right option.

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Boat Lift?

If you’re a handy person or this isn’t your first boat lift installation, it could cost nothing to install it other than the pizza or favors you might owe the friends that gave you a hand. ShoreMaster boat lifts are designed with ease of use and ownership in mind, which means that if everything is in good shape, you can do the installation on your own. It would be worth hiring a professional for a first-time install, which your Alexandria, MN ShoreMaster dealer can help you find.

How To Install a Boat Lift

Because of that easy ownership we mentioned, installing your boat lift won’t be too hard. While it’s still on shore, check your boat lift for any damage, loose parts that need to be tightened, or other signs of wear and tear. Once everything is inspected and in good repair, and you have all of the necessary parts and tools, walk your boat lift out to where it will spend the season (for now, at least) and attach it with the included hardware. ShoreMaster’s customer support team and your Alexandria dealer can help you with installation if needed.

What Are the Different Types of Boat Docks?

Each ShoreMaster boat dock might be a different configuration, have different dock accessories, or use different decking materials, but the supports that underlie these three basic types of boat docks are the same. 

  • Sectional boat docks come in connectable modules and are supported by legs that stand on the bed.
  • Wheel-in docks are largely the same except for added wheels and axles on the legs, making it easier to roll the dock into and out of the water on a shallow incline.
  • Floating docks are supported by their own buoyant air chambers and secured with anchors and a gangway connecting them to the shore.

How To Install a Boat Dock

If you’re a handy person with a handful of equally handy friends, DIY boat dock installation might be for you. Depending on the dock layout and accessories you have, installation could be more labor-intensive; however, ShoreMaster docks are very easy to work with, and the process won’t be more complicated than it needs to be. Attach the legs, decking, and accessories to your dock while it’s still on the shore, inspecting it for damage while you’re there. Once everything is secured to the sections and in good shape, you can walk those sections out into the water, starting with the furthest section out and attaching closer ones as you go, ending with the piece that will be the direct connection to the shore.

Need installation help? Advice on Alexandria boat docks and lifts? Want to get started with your dream shoreline project? Get in touch with your local ShoreMaster dealer.