July 6, 2023

Balsam Lake Dock Installation Services: Find Types of Boat Docks & Boat Lifts | ShoreMaster

Balsam Lake Dock Installation Services: Find Types of Boat Docks & Boat Lifts | ShoreMaster

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

Not only does your Balsam Lake ShoreMaster dealer have boat docks, boat lifts, and dock accessories available, but they also offer installation help and local waterfront expertise!

For boat docks, boat lifts, and dock accessories in Balsam Lake, Wisconsin, look no further than your local ShoreMaster dealer. Authorized dealers not only have the best systems but the best advice on products and the local water alike.

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How To Install a Boat Lift

Boat lift installation from storage is as easy as checking it for any damage or wear and tear it might have gotten last season, making any necessary repairs or replacements, and walking it out into the water. Once there, you can either attach it directly to a structure on the shore or onto your boat dock. ShoreMaster boat lifts come with the hardware you need to attach them to the dock and don’t require drilling or unusual tools. Remember that if you get stuck on your installation, our website has instructions for download, or you can contact your local dealer or customer support team.

What Are the Different Types of Boat Lifts?

There are a few different types of boat lifts, each of which come in different sizes depending on the make, model, and weight of the boat you want to lift with them. For PWCs or other small watercraft, a drive-on port attached to the side of your dock is enough to get your boat out of the water. Vertical lifts allow you to lift your boat straight out of the water and come in manual or motorized options. Hydraulic boat lifts use the power of hydraulics to quietly and efficiently lift your boat out of the water with the push of a button and none of the noise a motor would create. In addition, boat lifts can come in standing or floating varieties, which are both very stable and secure options. The difference comes down to your water conditions, which a ShoreMaster dealer can guide you through.

How Much Does It Cost To Install a Boat Lift?

With the right kind of boat lift and a handful of DIYers, boat lift installation can be done for free. ShoreMaster’s aluminum-welded boat lifts are designed for easy installation and ownership and have very few extra pieces to keep track of during installation and removal. Inspecting your boat lift before you get it out on the water is a good idea, but with a ShoreMaster lift, this process is short and sweet. For your first installation, we recommend getting help from a professional whom your authorized Balsam Lake ShoreMaster dealer can put you in touch with.

How To Install a Boat Dock

Installing a boat dock system is best started on the shore. Ensure the legs, wheels, and dock paneling are all securely attached to your dock frame. Don’t assemble the entire system on the shore before walking it out: assemble individual modules, and move the one farthest from shore out onto the water first. This way, you can attach sections as you go, and the last one will be the one that connects directly to the shore. Again, if you are stuck on your boat dock installation, contact your Balsam Lake ShoreMaster dealer or our customer support team with questions.

What Are the Different Types of Boat Docks?

There are three types of boat docks that ShoreMaster carries, all of which work well on the waters of Balsam Lake and are compatible with the largest selection of dock accessories in the industry. Sectional docks are made up of modules with frames supported on legs that stand on the bed. Wheel-in docks are similar but have wheels and axles attached to the legs to allow the entire system to be easily rolled into and out of the water. Floating docks are buoyant and float on the water’s surface, secured by anchors and a gangway attached to the shore. All are great choices, but your Balsam Lake ShoreMaster dealer can help you pick the one that works best for the water you’re on. Get in touch today!