May 4, 2023

Hayward Area Boat Dock Options, Boat Lift Types & Boat Lift Installation | ShoreMaster

Hayward Area Boat Dock Options, Boat Lift Types & Boat Lift Installation | ShoreMaster

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

Hayward Area waterfront owners are in good hands with their local ShoreMaster dealer. Get boat lifts, docks, and accessories with your installation tips and advice on what works best for your local water.

If you’re a waterfront owner and boater in the Hayward Area, there’s a ShoreMaster dealer near you. Get personalized advice for your water from an authorized dealer that knows our products.

ShoreMaster Curve Dock with Woodgrain Decking, Furniture, Bench, Pontoon Lift, White Canopy

What Are the Different Types of Boat Lifts? 

ShoreMaster has three main types of boat lifts, with accessories and options depending on your needs and the boat you’re lifting.

  • Drive-on ports are best for PWCs, jet skis, and other small watercraft.
  • Vertical boat lifts range from 2,200 to 7,000 pounds and have rails and bunks for v-hulls, sailboats, and pontoons. You also can have manual or motorized options for your convenience.
  • Hydraulic boat lifts with true hydraulic systems for a hassle-free, low-maintenance design that operates quietly and efficiently. Depending on the model, you have a 6,000 to 12,500-pound capacity.

Boat lifts can be attached directly to the shore or boat dock. Most models either come in standing or floating types.

How To Install a Boat Lift

Installing your ShoreMaster boat lift is as easy as checking it for damage while on shore. Once you’re sure it’s in good shape and you have all of the tools and parts you need, you and a couple of trusted friends can walk it out into the water and secure it. It sounds simple enough, but we recommend having a professional handle the first installation.

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Boat Lift?

If you’re DIYing your boat lift install—which is possible for ShoreMaster boat lifts thanks to how they’re built—it doesn’t have to cost anything at all. The advice you get when you call our customer support team is also free of charge. We recommend having professional help with a first-time installation, which your Hayward Area ShoreMaster dealer can arrange.

What Are the Different Types of Boat Docks?

ShoreMaster has a wide array of dock accessories, options, and possibilities, but the types of boat docks available at ShoreMaster come down to three basic options.

  • Sectional boat docks stand on the bed on legs that allow water to flow underneath them.
  • Wheel-in boat docks are similar but have wheels and axles attached to the legs that allow owners to roll them down a shallow incline into and out of a smooth bed.
  • Floating boat docks support themselves on buoyant chambers and are secured with anchors and a gangway connected to the shore. These are best for particularly deep or fluctuating water.

How To Install a Boat Dock

Boat dock installation for a ShoreMaster dock is similar to a boat lift installation in that the construction makes the process easier. Assemble your dock sections on shore to ensure you have all the necessary parts, and everything is secure and in good shape. Walk your dock sections out onto the water, starting with the section that will be furthest out, and work your way in toward the shore, connecting the sections as you go.

Need installation help? Want advice on how to build the best Hayward Area boat dock? Get in touch with your local ShoreMaster dealer.