Posted on October 20, 2022

Benefits of Boat Lifts That You Should Consider

Benefits of Boat Lifts That You Should Consider

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

If you’re taking your boat to someone else’s dock and mooring it there for a few hours, that’s one thing. But despite your boat being a water vehicle, it really shouldn’t be left in the water full time. Although you leave it in the water, it’s not the best idea for the life of your boat. Investing in a boat lift will greatly reduce damage, which saves you money, headaches, and the pain of potentially losing your boat. Consider these benefits of the boat lift as a way to store your boat.

Vertical lift with Pontoon

Boat Quality

Fiberglass, aluminum, and plastic hulls can all suffer from scum and slime buildup. Some of these materials can stain and take on water damage, like the porous gelcoat on fiberglass hulls. Taking on too much water can also result in hull blisters and other symptoms of water absorption. Boat lifts protect the condition and aesthetics of your boat, which increases your boat’s lifespan and makes you proud to take it out on the water.

Boat Safety

One of the best boat lift benefits is that you don’t have to worry about your boat. Simply mooring it to a dock or buoy opens it up to interior and exterior damage from rainstorms, high winds, and different water levels and conditions. It could also bump into your dock and other hazards and cause you to rely on your bilge pump to take care of excess water that gets in, which isn’t a good idea.

Passenger Safety 

Waterfront safety is always a high priority.  With a boat lift, You can be ready to launch your boat right away if it’s stored at the water’s edge. No need to untie anything, back onto a ramp to launch the boat, check for damages or leaks, or scrub algae—just turn a wheel or flip a switch to get going. Boat lifts also provide more stability when you’re boarding, no matter the water conditions.

Protecting Your Wallet

Protect your boat investment by keeping your boat protected. It saves you money, which is great considering the size of your investment in your watercraft. A boat that’s stored on a lift out of the water means that you avoid repairs and routine maintenance in the long run. Improved performance, increased range, fuel efficiency, gas mileage, repainting costs, and preserving the resale value are all great for your wallet.

Peace of Mind from ShoreMaster

ShoreMaster has been in the waterfront business for decades, and we’re all passionate about water and boating in our spare time. From hydraulic boat lifts to jet ski docks, we want to help our customers save money and keep them from worrying about their boat in the long run. For recommendations about which boat lift would work best based on your watercraft, shoreline, and water conditions, consider talking to a local ShoreMaster dealer. You can find one through our website