Posted on April 11, 2019

Protect Your Investment with Canopy Frames and Covers

Protect Your Investment with Canopy Frames and Covers

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing
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Nothing is better than taking your boat out, but the sun, wind, and water that make boating experiences great can also cause wear and tear on your watercraft. Protecting your boat will help maintain its value, and a canopy frame and cover are great ways to offer the coverage that your boat needs to stay out of the elements. When you’re working on dock designs for a lake, consider investing in a boat lift and canopy frame and cover from ShoreMaster. Here are the ways that our frames and covers protect your watercraft and add value to your dock plans.

Canopy Frames

ShoreMaster’s traditional canopy frames provide a unique design that showcases our attention to detail and expert craftsmanship. These frames feature a curved design that allows for a deep frame pocket, meaning you can keep your watercraft tucked underneath the frame for complete protection. The four-piece welded construction means that it’s easy to assemble and install, and aluminum means lightweight durability.

Our hip-roof canopy frames are a good option for boat owners looking for an attractive design for their waterfront that offers coverage and ease of use. These frames offer a less intrusive aesthetic for your waterfront without sacrificing coverage. The pitch of the frame means that rain and moisture shed easily, and the aluminum welded construction means easy maintenance and installation.

Canopy Covers

HarborTime offers a lighter weight option with superior durability. Highly water repellent and resistant to both mildew and ultraviolet light, HarborTime ideal for boat lift canopies. HarborTime offers exceptional abrasion resistance and superior strength making it perfectly suited for the marine environment. Stabilized fabric ensures a continuous fit, while an acrylic coating retains a beautiful soft cloth appearance and insures a long cover life.

WeatherMax fabric canopy covers from ShoreMaster are designed for repelling the elements while keeping your boat covered. The water-repellent HydroMax finish means that your cover will last for a long time out in the elements while remaining durable, colorful, and protective. It’s woven from lightweight yarn, which makes it easy to install, remove, and store. Scalloped edges around the perimeter mean that your boat gets that little bit of extra coverage that can make a real difference.

Our 13 oz. vinyl canopy covers are also lightweight and durable while providing protection from moisture and UV radiation. They’re lighter than the industry standard, which means easier installation and removal. The superior durability, cleanability, and weatherproofing come from the exclusive top coat.

All of these canopies are available for ShoreMaster traditional and hip-roof canopy frame systems. Combined with a ShoreMaster dock and all of the accessories, you can customize a waterfront that’s attractive, functional, and protects everything that you invested into your boat.

Complete Your Dock Plans with ShoreMaster

A dock design for your lake should include a boat lift and canopy frame and cover to protect your boat investment. They’re also a part of the high-quality, beautiful waterfront where your favorite boating memories are made. When you buy your dock and accessories from ShoreMaster, you’re getting the widest variety in the industry as well as the highest quality. To learn more or get started on your dock plans, get in touch with ShoreMaster or a ShoreMaster dealer.


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