Lake Docks, Piers, and Boat Lifts in Otter Tail County 


ShoreMaster was founded in Minnesota, and our headquarters are there to this day, which makes us especially equipped to serve Minnesota boaters. We love our lakes and strive to innovate in ways that can improve our waterfront experience. This passion, along with our engineering expertise and excellent products is what made us an industry leader and keeps us in that top spot. The aluminum boat docks that we pioneered remain top of the line in engineering, durability, customization, and ease of use and ownership. Our docks have QuickConnect Frame Systems that make setup, tear down, accessory additions, and reconfigurations easy. The aluminum frame offers durability and high performance in all kinds of weather and water conditions while remaining lightweight enough to make DIY installation possible. Exclusive curved dock sections offer premium aesthetics and the ability to stand out from other dock owners on your same shoreline. 

We also offer the widest array of accessories in the industry, from colorful lift canopy covers to watersports equipment. Our boat dock accessories are compatible with the dock frames and elevate your dock from a place you use to walk to your boat to a true extension of your home that happens to be out on the water. We understand the woes of seasonal dock ownership and tearing your system down for the winter, which is why we offer sectional boat docks with wheel-in or floating options to make the transition to and from boating season easier. We offer quality sectional docks, so you can rest assured that even when you store your boat dock and lift for the winter, it will come out intact and ready for a little spring cleaning before you install it again.

Boat is docked at the end of a pier

ShoreMaster Dealers in Otter Tail County, MN

ShoreMaster boat lifts, docks, and accessories are a great addition to an Otter Tail County shoreline. Our expert engineering, premium materials, and incredible customer support team makes everything ShoreMaster has to offer an incredible asset to your waterfront life. Our local authorized dealers know our products as well as the lakes they live on, which makes their recommendations much more meaningful, personal, and likely to serve you for years to come.

Here are our authorized ShoreMaster dealers in the Otter Tail County, MN area. 

Get Started on Your Otter Tail County Boat Dock System

Creating your ShoreMaster waterfront system—or upgrading your existing waterfront to a ShoreMaster one—begins with an authorized dealer. Dealers in our extensive network are passionate about our products, believe in products, know everything there is to know about our products, and have even contributed their suggestions on how we can improve. They’re also experts on their local waters, making them your ideal partner for perfecting your shoreline. They know what makes ShoreMaster great, and they know which products are specifically designed for your shoreline. Our family can become your family as well if you’re buying ShoreMaster products from an authorized dealer in Otter Tail County.

Our customer support team is full of waterfront experts and enthusiasts that are eager to help you create, maintain, and upgrade your dream shoreline setup. To get in touch with a local authorized ShoreMaster dealer, whether you’re in Otter Tail County or somewhere else, use our online contact form to learn more about our products, get installation tips, or seek recommendations for products that work best with your Minnesota waterfront life. You can also learn more about our ShoreMaster products and family of dealers by connecting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest.


Can I schedule a waterfront consultation near Otter Tail County?

Yes, you can schedule a consultation with a local dealer online. Our local dealers are expert partners that will know the needs of your specific waterfront property and what solutions will work best.


What dock system is best for Otter Tail County?

That depends on various factors. Your dock system needs will be based on your specific use case, water conditions, and your personal needs and preferences. Most people will go with floating docks, wheel-in systems, and stationary docks. Scheduling a consultation with a local dealer will help you evaluate your waterfront and give you the best possible recommendations on dock systems.


My waterfront in Otter Tail County has shallow water.  What type of bock dock is best for shallow water?

Sectional or wheel-in boat docks work great in shallow water. However, that’s not the only consideration you should have when choosing a boat dock system. The water conditions, the bed, and other factors need to be considered. We recommend consulting with a local dealer to help you find the best possible solution.


What is the best lift system for Otter Tail County?

That depends entirely on where your waterfront is. There are a lot of different bodies of water and water conditions in Otter Tail County, which means taking needs like water conditions, use cases, and your needs and preferences into consideration. Talk to a dealer in Otter Tail County for an evaluation and guidance on the best possible options. 




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