Posted on March 21, 2019

ShoreMaster Aluminum Boat Lifts

ShoreMaster Aluminum Boat Lifts

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing
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A boat lift/hoist can help protect the investment you’ve made in your boat. Boats can be damaged by the elements and side effects of water level fluctuations, so keeping your boat out of the water when it’s not in use means easier boat lift maintenance and a longer life for your craft. ShoreMaster pioneered the aluminum boat lift, mastered the welded construction, and continuously improves on the premium components to ensure that boat owners get a stable, reliably performing product—no matter where they are or what the season is. These are the aluminum boat hoists that we have to offer.

Vertical Boat Lift

Our aluminum boat lifts have been providing quality performance for decades. Our vertical hoists are an easy choice for most watercraft owners and the most trusted lift in the industry. They feature dime-welded construction for durability, an eight-piece design for easy assembly and installation, the exclusive Whisper Winch for quiet operation, and a double v-side design for easy access to your boat.

Hydraulic Boat Lift

Hydraulic aluminum boat lifts are an option for boat owners who want convenience and speed. Push-button operation from the standard remote control operation means easy control. Our design is purely hydraulic, which means no cables or pulleys and a quiet, smooth operation. With minimal maintenance, hassle-free operation, and the superior performance and durability you expect from a ShoreMaster boat hoist and dock.

Pontoon Lift

Pontoon and triton owners are looking for something a little different than a traditional aluminum boat lift, and ShoreMaster can cover their needs as well. Our pontoon lifts have the dime-welded aluminum construction that makes all of our lifts durable and reliable, but are engineered, built, and tested for the pontoons of today. Along with a motorized option, Whisper Winch, and double v-side design, our pontoon lifts have wider and longer frames for a more stable platform for lifting, entering, and exiting your boat.

PWC Lift

ShoreMaster can help personal watercraft owners maintain their boats as well. The same reliability, stability, and performance in all of our other aluminum boat lifts is available for smaller watercraft as well. Access your watercraft easily with a double v-side design, and add a boat lift motor for push-button operation.

Lift Accessories

The right accessories can not only make your boat lift and dock look great, but give it functionality as well. ShoreMaster offers the widest variety of accessories for your dock and boat lift, allowing you the opportunity to truly customize your waterfront experience. Among these accessories are the vinyl and aluminum bunks that are designed to help you safely store your watercraft on your boat lift. They’re crafted from durable aluminum and non-marring vinyl, they rinse clean, and offer superior protection for your watercraft. For more protection for your watercraft, consider a canopy frame and cover to tuck your boat away from the elements.

Boat Lifts, Docks, and More from ShoreMaster

When you’re looking for an aluminum boat lift, ShoreMaster is the place to look. We’re experts in boating life and docks and know how important a quality dock is to your waterfront. We can help you create a customized dock with accessories and a boat lift that you can trust will retain its quality throughout its entire life. For more information about what we offer, connect with ShoreMaster or a ShoreMaster dealer online.


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