Posted on July 8, 2015

Independence Day

Independence Day

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

As I get back to work after Independence Day, I reflect on my favorite holiday. This year I was able to spend it with family and friends on a lake in northern Minnesota. It was filled with fireworks, boat rides, yard games, and some good BBQ – as I am sure many people were able to do the same.

This Fourth of July we had our own yard game Olympics down by the lake. The National Anthem played while everyone saluted the American flag that was at the end of the ShoreMaster dock. For those of you who are wondering, my team did not win, maybe next year.

Over the last couple years, my family has grown and it was nice to get away from the stress and spend some time with my kids at the lake – the ShoreMaster dock enabled this more than ever.  We replaced an old steel roll-in dock with a new aluminum dock with a bench, flagpole, and stairs. It was interesting to see more and more people gathering and enjoying their time on the dock. I never realized before that your dock can be so much more than just a gateway to the lake if you want it to be. It is now a huge part of our lake experience. Over the years I hope to spend a lot more time with my kids right there on the lake. Hopefully when they are 16 they will still want to spend some time with their old man.

We do not want to forget the true reason of Independence Day. Everyone here at ShoreMaster wants to thank our veterans who fought for our freedom and who have preserved it ever since.

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