Posted on July 18, 2019

Introducing: The Infinity Waterfront System

Introducing: The Infinity Waterfront System

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

“Infinity” just might be how long you’ll want to keep ShoreMaster’s Infinity Waterfront System. With its superior construction, ease of use, and numerous accessories, our line of Infinity Waterfront products has something for everyone. Did we mention our accessories don’t require tools to install? That’s because our InfinityTrack system has a channel in the dock frame. This channel allows you to install and easily remove any of our boat dock accessories with a single T-handle. Instead of lugging around a giant toolbox, ShoreMaster wants you to lug around inner tubes, coolers, and whatever else you need to have a fun day in the water.

If you’re planning on taking a swim, ShoreMaster’s dock stairs and ladder are made of durable, corrosion-resistant aluminum, with sturdy handles and traction on the steps to reduce slipping. Avid kayakers and paddleboarders will appreciate our watersports rack, available in single or double sizes.

For those planning on reading books, sunbathing, or enjoying margaritas while everyone else splashes around, ShoreMaster offers a table with an umbrella and two chairs compatible with InfinityTrack. Our contoured dock bench features an aluminum frame and comes in two colors. It’s perfect for lounging on while you keep an eye on your fishing rod holder across the way.

The InfinityTrack system is ideal for those dock owners who want to rearrange their furniture and boat dock accessories without drilling a slew of holes in their docks. ShoreMaster’s waterfront system, including our floating, wheel-in and standing docks, makes customizing your dock painless and results in a functional yet beautiful space for the entire family to enjoy. So spend less time attaching boat dock accessories and more time hanging out with those you love, doing what you enjoy, whether that’s fishing, swimming, boating, or just relaxing at the lake.


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