Posted on July 25, 2019

Cabin Dock: How to Create the Best Dock for Your Cabin

How to Create the Best Dock for Your Cabin

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

There is no such thing as a single dock configuration that fits the needs of every individual living near the water. Lakes and rivers have different depths, surrounding shorelines, and currents, among other variables to take into account. Whether you have a cabin or cottage along Lake Michigan, Lake Superior, or Ottertail Lake, ShoreMaster has the right dock and accessories for your location and needs.

Boat Dock Accessories

A lakeside cabin means you don’t have to rush to get everything done in one day, and boat dock accessories allow you to do almost everything you want on your dock. If you or your guests feel like an early-morning swim, take advantage of ShoreMaster’s dock steps, which include handrails for safety and are made of sturdy, high-quality aluminum. Our pivoting deck ladder flips up so it’s not in the way when swim time is over, and the aluminum stairs have tread to minimize slipping.

If you’re at the lake for a bit of fishing and plan to cook your catch for dinner, ShoreMaster’s fishing rod holder attaches to the side of our docks so you can stretch out with a book on our on-dock bench and wait for the fish to come to you. We also offer a fish-cleaning table that folds down when you finish so you don’t have to dirty your cabin’s counters.

Types of Docks

A lake’s shoreline and bottom are the ultimate determining factors for what type of dock works best, but personal preferences also are important. Standing wheel-in docks are great for seasonal cabin residents near lakes that have firm bottoms and do not have steep slopes. If you only visit the lake during the summer, this dock is an excellent choice, as it rolls in and out of the water. ShoreMaster’s Infinity system makes it easy to disconnect parts for removal and storage.

ShoreMaster also offers floating docks you can configure to your needs. We construct our flotation devices with high-grade, durable aluminum that can hold up to the battering of waves. Floating docks are best in areas that are too deep to install docks with legs, or a lake bottom that is uneven. Our corrosion-resistant aluminum floating docks also “go with the flow” in that they rise and fall with the water level, so you don’t have to worry about adjusting your dock.

Standing sectional docks are nice if you have limited storage space on your lakeside property; just stack the sections after removing the legs and decking. ShoreMaster makes sectional docks with lightweight aluminum that are easy to assemble. We also offer curved sections to accommodate any configuration you might imagine.

If you’re not sure about the types of docks best suited for your lakeside cabin or cottage, ShoreMaster is happy to help. We have a simple, online questionnaire that narrows down your best options based on where the dock will be located, what you want to use the dock for, water depth, what the lake bottom is like, and other factors.

ShoreMaster Knows Lake Life

Our company was founded in Minnesota, so we know all about the joys of lakeside living. We want to make your experience on the lake one of the best, which is why we offer everything from solar dock lights to boat lifts and customizable dock systems. We only use high-quality aluminum in our products, welded by experts. Contact one of our dealers today to begin the journey of lakeside fun and relaxation.


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