Posted on February 25, 2021

Best Tips for Cleaning a Boat Lift Canopy

Best Tips for Cleaning a Boat Lift Canopy

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

Whether it’s been out all year or you’re getting it in or out of storage, your boat lift canopy cover could probably use some cleaning. Because boat lift canopies are an average of 24 feet long and 15 pounds, cleaning them can seem like a daunting task, but these tips can make the job less overwhelming.

ShoreMaster Vertical Lifts with Blue Canopies and Infinity TS9 with Gray Glacier

Cleaning Tips

Keeping your boat lift canopy system clean will extend its life and keep it looking good year-round. Check your canopy cover for dirt, pollen, or other debris that can be gently brushed off. A more thorough cleaning can be done with warm water and gentle soap (dish detergent works well). Don’t use any harsh cleaners like bleach as these cleaners can ruin your canopy cover’s water repellant qualities and are bad for the water. Rinse the soap off both sides of your cover before drying it—a garden hose with a “flat” spray nozzle will do the job.

All that’s left is letting your canopy dry. Keeping your canopy system dry is critical when storing it for the season—keeping it dry will keep it from developing mold and mildew. To dry your canopy cover, fully stretch the fabric out, keep it off the ground (whether on a frame, clothesline, sawhorse, or something else), and keep it exposed to as much light and air as possible.

Folding Tips

Proper folding and storage will prevent damage and help prolong the life of your canopy system. It’s helpful to grab a friend for this because removing the cover from its frame will take two people since it’s very large. All ShoreMaster canopy covers can be folded the same way: just tuck the corners in as you fold, and don’t worry about the edges forming a straight line.

Lay your completely clean and dry canopy cover flat on the ground with one person at each end. Folder it over horizontally like a sleeping bag, stopping to smooth out the fabric. When you reach the halfway point, do the same folds from the opposite side. Fold one side over the other when they meet and smooth out the fabric. Bring one end of the cover to the other end like you’re hanging a towel. Starting at the fold, tightly roll up the material and press out air as you go until you reach the end.

Once it’s clean, dry, and folded, store it in a dry, safe location until next season. Keep it off the ground and away from water and other debris to minimize the damage and cleaning you’ll have to do when you take it out next.

Boat Lift Canopy Systems and Dock Accessories

Proper care will extend the life of your boat lift canopy cover, but when looking to buy or replace a cover, it’s worth starting with a high-quality one. ShoreMaster has been in the boating industry for decades, and we have all of the waterfront expertise and passion for innovation to ensure that we remain an industry leader. If you have questions about what Infinity Boat Lift models or other accessories will work best for your waterfront, contact a local ShoreMaster dealer.


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