Posted on April 2, 2020

Spring / Pre-Season Tips for How to Prep Dock

Pre-Season Dock Prep

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

If you’re a boater that can’t get out on the water year-round (we’re in Minnesota, we know the feeling), you have a lot to get done before summer gets here. Making sure that your waterfront is set up properly is among the first and most important steps you can take toward having a safe and fun boating season. Once you’ve made sure that your boat is registered and all of the important maintenance and safety work is done, it’s time to set up your dock. Here are four tips for setting up your dock this spring so you can spend this summer having fun.

ShoreMaster Curve Dock with Woodgrain Decking, Furniture, Bench, Pontoon Lift, White Canopy

Make Assembly and Installation Easy

An easy installation now means easy removal and storage in the fall, so if you’re a seasonal boater, it’s worth using a dock system that’s easy to install and remove. Docks made from lightweight aluminum are quick and easy to carry into the water with help and put together by hand: ShoreMaster sectional and wheel-in docks take that ease a step further with InfinityFrame connections that allow you to snap pieces together however you want. Removable decking, legs, and accessories also make storage and set-up easier. 

Check Your Water Level

With the warm weather of spring comes melting snow and rain. These weather patterns affect how deep your water is. When choosing or upgrading a dock system, it’s best to choose one with an adjustable height. A good guideline is that the tallest waves shouldn’t be able to hit your dock frame while it’s in the water. ShoreMaster docks have 18-inch leg pockets that make it possible to adjust your dock even in fluctuating water conditions.

Keep Things Neat and Clean

Just because your dock sits in water all the time it doesn’t mean that it cleans itself. Aluminum boat docks and decking are water and rot-resistant, which makes them easy to own and clean with an environmentally friendly cleaning product. The same rules apply to boat dock accessories like canopy covers: whether you’re pulling them out of storage or installing them for the first time, keeping them clean and well-maintained will help make things easier for many installations to come. But it’s still good to keep a broom down by the water to heat clear off pine nuts or other small items that may get on top of your dock

Invest in a High-Quality Dock

Your boat dock needs to last for many seasons: it’s worth investing in one that’s not only easy to own, but also one that you’re proud to have on your water. A high-quality dock system is one that you can trust your watercraft and family on, and making fond summer memories starts with making sure that what you install in the spring is the best option out there. ShoreMaster became an industry leader because of our commitment to innovation and performance in our sectional dock systems. Choosing a ShoreMaster dock means having a convenient, low-maintenance, stable dock system that looks great and is highly customizable.

ShoreMaster Sectional Docks

Setting up your boat dock before the season begins is easy when you have a ShoreMaster waterfront system. ShoreMaster’s QC system means that boat dock sections are easy to connect and move when it’s time to set up or tear down your system. With InfinityTrack accessories that can attach anywhere along the dock’s perimeter, you’re all set for easy installation and reconfiguration for seasons to come. Contact your local ShoreMaster dealer for more information on accessories and features for your dock.


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