Posted on April 30, 2020

Dealer Spotlight: J&J Marine - ShoreMaster Dealers

Dealer Spotlight: J&J Marine

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

At ShoreMaster, we consider our dealers to be part of our family. Because of this, we wanted to share the love and spotlight some of dealers that stood out. For this post, we asked J&J  Marine, Inc. about their history and why they choose ShoreMaster products.

RS4 Gray Woodgrain with Pontoon Lift with Black Canopy

The History of J&J Marine, Inc.

J&J Marine was founded in 1986 by business partners and friends Jim Buranen and Jeff Nelson. When they started their business, they installed and removed docks and lifts from lakes in the area and were working out of Jim’s house. Eventually, they added boat and pontoon service and storage to their services, and in 1996, they moved the business from the house to a two-stall shop in South Haven. The move enabled them to sell docks, lifts, pontoons, and other products. In 2004, they moved into their current location.

Favorite ShoreMaster Products and Qualities

Providing the best possible customer service and treating customers like family are two of J&J Marine’s greatest qualities. Some of their customers have been working with them since the very beginning—and no business would be able to provide expertise or fun without loyal customers. J&J Marine and ShoreMaster share a passion for customer service and treating customers and dealers like family, and it’s one of J&J Marine’s favorite ShoreMaster qualities.

J&J Marine also has high opinions on ShoreMaster products. They love our boat lifts and Infinity Dock system, but they especially like our screw-legs. The legs are made with high-quality materials and construction that makes them the best on the market, not to mention that they’re easy for boat owners to adjust with the water level.

Favorite ShoreMaster Product Story

When asked why they liked ShoreMaster products, J&J Marine was ready with a good story from last summer. A wind storm came through the area and, unfortunately, a customer’s pontoon and lift flipped over and ended up upside-down and 100 feet away from where it was. However, when the lift was recovered and returned to its rightful place, the only problem was a ripped canvas on the canopy—the rest was completely fine. No one wants a storm, but the customer was grateful to have purchased a ShoreMaster lift because of the quality, strength and attention to detail.

Why Buy from an Authorized Dealer?

We love our authorized dealers for their expertise and passion for high-quality dock systems and lift systems. We asked J&J Marine why people should buy from authorized ShoreMaster dealers, and we agree with both of their reasons.

  1. For the warranty. If something does go wrong, you want to make sure that you’re being cared for by knowledgeable people and that any repairs or replacements are done with ShoreMaster products.
  2. Our selection. ShoreMaster has a wide array of dock and lift accessories that can be added to our products, and with authorized dealers, customers are given the ability to pick out the perfect pieces for their waterfront.

Floating Dock Systems in Central Minnesota

J&J Marine, Inc. is a full-service dealer of marine and outdoor equipment staffed by a team of dedicated experts in the heart of central Minnesota’s lakes area. They stock everything that you need for outdoor work or play, and we’re so glad to have them in the ShoreMaster family. For more information about J&J Marine’s docks and lifts, check out their website. For more information on all ShoreMaster products or for guidance on dock options best suited for your area, contact a local ShoreMaster dealer.


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