Posted on April 22, 2014

Superior Choice for Your Watercraft: ShoreMaster 8' Aluminum Vinyl PWC Bunks

ShoreMaster 8' Aluminum Vinyl Bunks Offer Better Value than Carpeted Wood Bunks

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

As the weather warms up many PWC enthusiasts will be de-winterizing their PWC in preparation for the first ride of the season. Many times, these enthusiasts will install their PWC lifts prior to taking that first exhilarating ride. This is a friendly reminder that now is a good time to inspect your waterfront equipment for loose or missing components, and to really take a good look at the amount of wear on the bunks, cables, cradles, and / or guides. The best time to replace any components and serviceable parts on your boat or PWC lift, or your dock, for that matter, is before it is installed in the water for the season.

Many PWC lifts that are in service today utilize carpeted wood bunks to support the PWC on the lift. These are a great option and provide sufficient support for personal watercraft of all shapes and sizes. Over time, the carpet on any carpeted wood bunk can become worn, loose, or frayed which can create contact between the hull of the PWC and the raw wood. This is not a desirable condition and any loose, missing, or frayed carpet should be replaced or repaired to prevent potential problems. This is also a good time to inspect the wood structure of carpeted wood bunks, as wood, being a natural material, can become warped, cracked, or rotten. Before installing your PWC lift for the season, make sure to examine the carpeted wood bunks before installing the lift, and if you find any soft spots, or warping of the wood bunk material, inspect it further, even if it means removing the carpet covering, and repair or replace the bunk before using it.

If you are in the market for new bunks for your PWC lift, either because your existing carpeted wood bunks are past their useful service life and it’s time to replace them, or perhaps you’ve purchased a new PWC and want to  make sure that the bunks on your PWC lift will accommodate your new purchase, you should consider ShoreMaster’s 8’ aluminum vinyl bunks for your PWC lift. ShoreMaster has used aluminum vinyl bunks for boats and pontoons for decades. ShoreMaster’s 8’ aluminum vinyl bunks for PWC lifts will save you time because it is easier, and faster to inspect the aluminum channel of the aluminum bunk than it is to inspect the wood on a wood bunk set up, and the aluminum channel will never rot like wood can. You’ll also save money in total cost of ownership with ShoreMaster’s 8’ aluminum vinyl bunks because the vinyl material is less prone to wear than carpet, and will not become loose, or torn. Put simply, vinyl covered aluminum bunks are far more durable than carpeted wood bunks. The vinyl material used on ShoreMaster’s 8’ aluminum vinyl bunks does not promote the adhesion of sand, and debris like carpet can which means your PWC will stay cleaner, longer.

Full length bunks are a better option than cradles when it comes to supporting your PWC because the weight of your personal watercraft is distributed along the full length of the bunk to prevent pressure points where your PWC’s hull contacts the bunk. When you have a choice between carpeted wood bunks, and aluminum vinyl bunks, remember that carpeted wood bunks are a great value option that will require more care, maintenance and inspection than vinyl covered aluminum bunks, and when it comes to total cost of ownership, vinyl covered aluminum bunks like ShoreMaster’s 8’ aluminum vinyl bunks are likely to be the true better value.

8’ aluminum vinyl bunks are available for ShoreMaster’s 1200 vertical and cantilever PWC lifts today, so if you are considering repairing or replacing a set of old, worn out, carpeted wood bunks, you would be smart to upgrade to ShoreMaster’s 8’ aluminum vinyl bunks. If you’re in a hurry to get that PWC on the water, but you need to repair or replace a bunk first, don’t worry, they can be shipped via UPS so you’ll be out on your PWC in no time.

Talk to an authorized ShoreMaster dealer today, to upgrade your PWC lift with a pair of 8’ full length aluminum vinyl bunks from ShoreMaster.


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