Posted on March 28, 2019

Boat Lift Accessories to Make Summer Simple

Boat Lift Accessories to Make Summer Simple

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing
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Your boat dock is where all of your waterfront activities begin and end. With the right accessories, you can make your dock look great and perform flawlessly. Thanks to the Infinity Track options at ShoreMaster, you can customize your dock and boat lift with all the accessories you need for aesthetics and functionality. Here are just some of the solutions we offer.

Aluminum and Vinyl Bunks

ShoreMaster’s vinyl-covered aluminum bunks protect your boat’s hull or pontoons during storage, making them great boat lift accessories. They also keep sand and debris from adhering, keeping everything clean.

Guides and Rails

We offer bow guides and full-length guides to get your boat into the proper lifting position. The bow guide keeps your boat from overrunning the lift to ensure that it’s properly aligned, and the full-length guides incorporate mounts to the side of the hoist that help you center the boat. Both are constructed from high-quality aluminum and offer superior durability and protection for your watercraft. For pontoon boat owners, we have a welded aluminum rail kit option that suits your craft’s needs.

Motor Stops

Keep your motorized boat from floating through the lift by installing a motor stop. These let you position your boat on the lift easily and keep them from floating away. Ours are constructed from aluminum with a vinyl bumper for protection.

PVC Guide-Ons

Guide-ons make it easier to guide and position your watercraft onto a boat lift for easier loading and unloading.  PVC means no maintenance, and ours can guide your boat along a rub rail without touching the hull or marring the gel coat or decals.

Power Box Holders or Trays

Keeping your batteries out of the way is important for safe and convenient operation, making a holder or tray among the most important boat lift accessories. Our battery tray mounts to the inside of the canopy frame in a boat lift leg for a clean look and protection and is made from aluminum with a plastic base. The hydraulic box holder has lift leg installation to keep your hydraulic lift power box out of the way, and it’s also made from aluminum with secure tray attachments.

Lifting Arms

Lifting arms help you install and remove your boat lift. They can hook onto the boat and lift to remove both from mud and muck and make carrying the lift up or down the shore easier, making them great for seasonal removal.

Canopy Lift Lofts

With a universal size that fits any canopy system, a lift loft can help you keep some boating accessories off the dock and boat. The mesh is breathable and coated to inhibit mold growth.


Don’t’ stumble around in the dark during early morning or late evening time on the water. We have a LED light that you can mount along your canopy frame and operate with a remote for bright illumination.

Tires and Caddies

Seasonal boat lifts aren’t complete without polyethylene tires. Ours are self-draining to reduce their weight for easier removal and are molded for maximum durability. A wheel caddy can help with seasonal use and storage by offering an option for transitioning your boat lift from shore to water while remaining on the lift year round.

Winch Extension Kits

Our extension kit attaches to the winch arm so that you can raise the winch ad wheel. It’s easy to install and operate, which makes your lift easier to operate and lets you get back on the water faster.

All of This and More from ShoreMaster

ShoreMaster carries the industry’s widest selection of dock options and accessories, so if you’re looking for quality boat dock parts and boat lift accessories, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for with us. With our help, you can truly customize your waterfront space with options that are easy to change when the need arises. Contact ShoreMaster or a local ShoreMaster dealer to get started on your dock project or answer your installation questions.


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