Posted on February 28, 2019

The Benefits of a Pontoon Boat Lift

The Benefits of a Pontoon Boat Lift

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

All boat owners want their boat lifts to be functional and durable. Pontoon and tritoon owners share these interests, but have special considerations when compared to other boat owners. ShoreMaster’s pontoon boat lifts offer features particular to the needs and concerns of pontoon boat owners while exhibiting the quality that we’ve been giving our customers for years.

Pontoon boat owners can rely on ShoreMaster for precision welded boat lifts that are rigorously tested for quality. Your pontoon boat lift will offer the stability, durability, reliability, performance, and usability that you would expect from any boat lift with the quality guarantee that comes standard with all ShoreMaster products.

Designed for Today’s Pontoons

Today’s pontoons are larger, powerful, and more refined than the pontoon boats of the past. That’s why we’ve made our boat lifts better for today’s boats. Our lifts come in three capacity options for watercraft from 4,000 to 7,000 pounds. We’ve added additional length and width to accommodate increasing boat sizes, which give our frames better stability for lifting and lowering your boat. Standard pontoon guides and rails give you the support you need when entering and exiting the lift, and the double v-side feature that’s built-in makes it easier to position the lift for passengers to board or exit the craft from either side.

Easy Installation

ShoreMaster’s products have the easiest installation in the industry, and our pontoon boat lifts are no exception. Our boat lifts have an eight-piece design that’s quick and easy to put together. Our boat lifts are made of premium components with precision-welded aluminum construction that offers stability and durability while remaining lightweight.

ShoreMaster Canopy Systems

Your pontoon boat lift will keep your craft out of the water, but a canopy cover will protect it from the elements. Our canopy systems have a deep frame design that will completely cover your watercraft while remaining breathable to stop mildew and mold growth. The attractive fabric covers come in an array of colors to match your style and needs while remaining durable.

Boat Lift Motors

Spend less time struggling to get your boat in and out of the water and more time on the water. The motors in our pontoon boat lifts allow you to get your craft out of the water easily and conveniently. ShoreMaster lift motors have the exclusive Whisper Winch to make lifting your craft easy, unobtrusive, and the quietest in the industry. You can choose multiple power and remote options based on your shoreline needs.

Find Your Perfect ShoreMaster Lift System

What kind of boat lift system is right for your shorefront and watercraft? If you’re not sure, ShoreMaster can help. We have over 40 years of waterfront experience and a solution for nearly every dock plan. Our experts can help you find the perfect system for your shore, and we have the reputation to back up everything we do. Reach out to ShoreMaster or a ShoreMaster dealer near you to get started on creating your perfect boat lift and dock solution.


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