Posted on March 7, 2019

The ShoreMaster Guarantee: Dealer Info and ShoreMaster Warranty

The ShoreMaster Guarantee

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

When you buy your premium dock, boat lift, or dock accessories from ShoreMaster, you can trust that there’s a knowledgeable team and a quality reputation behind your products. We’re committed to ensuring that our industry-leading products reliably meet your needs, and we back up every purchase and product with our years of expertise. For one more guarantee of our quality and commitment to providing the best that the boating industry has to offer, you can also register your products with a limited warranty.

Complete Peace of Mind

Whether your dock plan is for your personal use or for a business, whether you’re sailing on saltwater or fresh, you need protection you can trust. ShoreMaster products are designed to protect your watercraft, and a warranty can help protect those products. We offer a warranty period for parts and for labor on our products so you can ensure that the materials and the work are the high quality you expect from ShoreMaster.

A Warranty You Can Trust

Customers and dealers alike have trusted our world-class quality and service for years, and we’re proud of our reputation. We can provide warranty coverage from the date that you purchase your premium ShoreMaster products, and we guarantee that our products and parts are free from defects. Our warranty covers both the materials and the workmanship, meaning that you can be sure of our quality from all sides and trust that we’ll do everything to make your dock plans a reality and a reliable investment.

Read more about our ShoreMaster Limited Warranty details here.

Get a Free Gift

We all like gifts, and we’d love to give you one for investing in protecting your premium boat lift, dock, or accessories. Register your ShoreMaster products for full warranty coverage, and we’ll send you a free gift. All you need is to provide the dealer and product information, which you can find on your receipt or invoice.

Register Your ShoreMaster Products Today

There are a lot of good reasons to register your ShoreMaster products. Our warranty is just an extension of our 47-year-long reputation of quality and service you can trust, and it offers you the peace of mind you need to truly enjoy your time on the water instead of worrying about the details. Getting started on your warranty is as easy as filling out this registration form.

To learn more about our products and work on your dock plans, get in touch with a ShoreMaster or a ShoreMaster dealer.


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