Posted on March 14, 2019

Why a Sectional Dock? Shoremaster Docks and Sectional Docks

ShoreMaster’s Sectional Docks

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

ShoreMaster’s Infinity Dock Systems set the industry standard for design and reliability in boat docks, lifts, and accessories. Combine that commitment to quality with all of the benefits of a sectional dock, and you have a dependable, high-quality option for your dock plans. Sectional docks are easier to customize and install than roll-in or other docking systems while still offering high levels of performance. Here’s why you should consider investing in a sectional dock and the qualities that set ShoreMaster docks apart.

Why a Sectional Dock?

All of the dock options available from ShoreMaster offer the customization and quality that discerning boat owners are looking for, but sectional docks offer extra convenience for certain boat owners. For rockier, steeper areas, a sectional dock is easier to get down to the water to assemble than a wheel-in system would be. If you’re in an area with fluctuating water levels based on the season or weather, sectional docks from ShoreMaster have easy leg adjustments to accommodate any changes you might need to make. Those boat owners who can only spend part of the year on the water can benefit from a dock they can easily install, tear down, and store; and sectional docks give them the option to do that.

Easy Installation and Adjustments

ShoreMaster sectional docks are some of the easiest docks in the industry to install. The removable decking and lightweight aluminum welded construction mean that things are easy to move around when you need to install or remove the system, and 18-inch leg pockets let you make very easy height adjustments as water levels fluctuate. The Infinity frame system and connections also allow you to reconfigure your dock layout and accessories as needed with very little hassle.


You can reduce the amount of your shoreline or backyard that gets taken up with off-season storage space by investing in a ShoreMaster dock. Sectional docks let you remove the decking and dock legs, which allows you to easily stack the frames on top of one another for convenient and compact storage until next boating season.


The precision-welded construction of ShoreMaster sectional dock frames makes them not only a lightweight choice but also a stable one that can last throughout the seasons. Deep leg pockets, five-sided dock legs, and large pass-through foot pads also add to the stability of your sectional dock system. No matter how the water is or what you’re doing with your dock, you can be assured that it will remain sturdy under your feet season after season.

Sectional Docks from ShoreMaster

Quality construction and materials, exclusive features, and years of experience with and passion for all things boating is what makes ShoreMaster the industry’s best in maintenance-free boat docks and accessories. Between fast and easy installation, the performance, and the number of accessories available to discerning boat owners, the choice for your sectional dock is obvious. If it’s time for you to finalize your boat dock plans and start making your sectional dock a reality, contact ShoreMaster or a ShoreMaster dealer near you


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