Posted on January 30, 2020

Dock Ideas: Boat Dock Design Ideas and Customization

Dock Customization Ideas

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

Waterfront owners spend a lot of time on their shorelines. While generic boat dock layouts and options get the job done, they’re not always the most aesthetically pleasing or a reflection of the unique way that you use the water. Consider these five ways to help customize your waterfront and make your dock truly your own.

Choose Your Perfect Layout

Your dock design and layout is one of the first boat dock ideas you’ll think about when you start customizing your waterfront. If you’re a seasonal dock owner, consider getting a sectional or wheel-in dock, or a floating dock if your water level fluctuates. Sectional docks are also great because of the number of ways you can attach them: ShoreMaster’s InfinityTrack sections are quick and easy to install and give you the freedom to configure your dock however you want with the performance you expect.

Consider Curved Dock Designs

Maybe that dock layout that you’ve been dreaming about just won’t work with straight lines and right angles. A curved dock solution might be what you need to perfect your layout’s form and function and to set your dock apart from the others on your shoreline. ShoreMaster offers 45 and 90-degree curved dock sections to give your boat dock a truly unique look with all of the stability of our other docks.

Don’t Forget Decking

Your dock decking needs to look good, feel good, and support you and whatever you do on the water. ShoreMaster has a range of high-quality decking options that meet the same construction standards as the dock it rests in and the accessories. We also offer recessed, removable decking options to help make assembling, installing, removing, and upgrading your dock system easy. Choose plastic flow-through options as well as aluminum for low-maintenance dock decking in color choices to help fit your aesthetic.

Get Some Dock Accessories

ShoreMaster is an industry leader with the industry’s widest selection of boat dock accessories available.  Do you do a lot of swimming or watersports? Consider a paddleboard or watersport rack, or a ladder to make it easier and safer to get into and out of the water. Fishers will love the fishing rod holder and fish-cleaning table. Just about anyone who spends time on the water will get a lot of use out of dock furniture, and you can enjoy sitting on your dock long into the night with a fire table or extra lighting. Your customization options are endless, especially when you consider that ShoreMaster accessories can be attached and moved anywhere along the perimeter of an InfinityTrack dock system. 

Pick a Color Palette

A little color coordination can go a long way toward making your deck your own. Not only do our dock decking options come in a variety of colors, but many ShoreMaster boat dock accessories do as well. Coordinate your dock furniture and canopy covers with your dock color scheme for a put-together look. With ShoreMaster’s high-quality construction, you can trust that your accessories will retain their color season after season, no matter what the elements throw at them.

Boat Dock Ideas from ShoreMaster

Get the most out of your boat dock! ShoreMaster has been at the forefront of waterfront ideas and innovation for years. All of our products, from our aluminum boat docks to our accessories, are made with superior quality construction and a variety of options. Start your boat dock off right or upgrade it with the industry’s widest selection of boat dock accessories.For more information and ideas unique to your waterfront or to get installation help, contact your local ShoreMaster dealer.




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