Posted on August 12, 2021

What’s Included When You Buy a Dock

What’s Included When You Buy a Dock

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

If you’re shopping around for boat dock options, you’re in the right place. ShoreMaster’s Infinity boat dock systems have many exclusive features, accessories, and expert innovation and engineering behind every part, which gives you a level of customization and performance not seen anywhere else in the industry. If you’re just starting to build your new InfinityTrack dock, read on to learn about what you’re getting when you purchase your docks, as well as what you need to complete your waterfront.

ShoreMaster Infinity RS4 Dock with Curve Dock, Gray Woodgrain Decking and Black Bumpers

Infinity RS4 Docks

Our reliable standby Infinity RS4 standing docks come with the dock frame, two Infinity Leg Pockets, two-foot pads, and the hardware bag you need to assemble and install. The corner dock sections for the RS4 include the 3’ corner dock frame and hardware bag.

For the dock frame units, you’ll need to buy the leg posts, short single-leg pockets, ramps, and decking panels separately. A 10-foot section of the dock will take five decking panels. The corner dock sections will also require you to purchase separate decking panels. Dock accessories aren’t included either, but ShoreMaster has so many options that you’ll have no trouble finding some that work for your waterfront.

Infinity RS4 Curve Docks

Your distinctive Infinity RS4 Curve dock frame units include your choice of 45 or 90-degree curve dock frames and a hardware bag. To complete the dock system, you’ll need to buy your single or double-leg pockets, leg posts, footpads, and decking panels separately.

Infinity RS7 and TS9

The standing and wheel-in versions of the Infinity RS7 and TS9 docks come with the dock frame and a hardware bag. Decking panels need to be bought separately for both versions of the RS7 and TS9. Standing docks will need separate Infinity leg pockets, leg posts, and footpads; wheel-in docks will need screw legs and poly tires.

ShoreMaster Boat Docks

ShoreMaster is a waterfront industry leader with over 30 years of experience and satisfied customers. We’re the pioneers of the aluminum welded-frame boat lift and bring our engineering to all of our other products. Our customer support team can help you find the right options from our four unique dock systems, exclusive curve sections, and an InfinityTrack system compatible with an industry-leading number of dock accessories. To get a price on your dream boat dock system or for answers to your product or installation questions, find a local ShoreMaster dealer today.

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