Posted on January 31, 2019

Enhance Your Boat Lift with a Boat Lift Canopy

Canopies for Every Boat Lift

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

You love being outside on your dock and with your boat. As fun as the sun, wind, and water are, though, they can take a toll on your watercraft—and just keeping it out of the water with a boat lift might not be enough for all elements. With the premium components and construction of a ShoreMaster boat lift canopy system, you can make sure that your boat is protected as much as possible.

ShoreMaster Canopy System

Our canopy system is designed to provide your watercraft with the coverage and protection that it needs with the quality you expect. We offer the most versatile boat lift canopy frame and cover system with the easiest installation and low-maintenance ownership. The ShoreMaster Canopy System features a welded frame construction, two frame styles, three premium cover options, an array of color choices, and canopy covers with breathable, vented ends. While other boat lift manufacturers require you to read pages of instructions and spend hours installing their accessories, we pride ourselves on making everything quick, easy, and hassle-free so that you can get back to enjoying your time on the water and making memories.

Canopy Frames

Our traditional canopy frames offer coverage and easy ownership while demonstrating our attention to detail and quality. Deep, rounded ends on the frame and a deep frame pocket let you tuck your boat completely and tightly underneath the canopy—away from the elements. Four-piece welded construction offers not only durability but also quick and easy installation.

Hip-roof canopy frames give you coverage and easy ownership as well as a clean, attractive aesthetic. The pitch of the frame allows it to shed moisture and rain easily, and it features the easy to install and maintain welded construction common in so many of our products.

Canopy Covers

A HarborTime fabric canopy cover is easy to install, remove, and store. It’s lightweight, easy to handle, and offers great protection for your watercraft. These covers feature a water-repellent finish that makes the cover durable, long-lasting, and attractive throughout its entire life. The fabric comes in eight vibrant colors, feels soft, is easy to handle, is ShoreMaster canopies are vented to inhibit mold and mildew growth, and is available for our traditional and hip-roof canopy systems.

Our 13 oz. vinyl canopy covers are not only lighter than the industry standard of 18 oz., but give you durability, moisture protection, and UV protection. The 13 oz. vinyl cover offers extra durability, ease of maintenance, weatherproofing, and protection. The vinyl covers offer deep scalloping, six color options, and are available for both of our canopy systems.

Invest in a ShoreMaster Canopy

Your boat lift canopy is just as crucial to protecting your boat as the boat lift itself. We at ShoreMaster would know, having seen 40 years of the boating industry and the waterfront life of our community in Fergus Falls, MN. No matter what your aesthetic and practical needs are, we have an option that can help you customize your boat dock to fit your lifestyle and the gear necessary to protect your investment. Get in touch with ShoreMaster or a ShoreMaster dealer to get started.


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