Posted on March 14, 2014

1978 Glastron GT-150 Boat Restoration by ShoreMaster's Very Own Mark Cory

1978 Glastron GT-150 Boat Restoration by ShoreMaster's Very Own Mark Cory

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

Companies alone, do not have passion. The people who work at companies do. Mark Cory is a classic example of what drives ShoreMaster to greatness. Mark’s passion for anything water related is an underlying theme that guides him as he helps ShoreMaster build the best docks and boat lifts available to waterfront property owners, and helps ShoreMaster’s nationwide dealer network realize the full business potential that ShoreMaster offers.

Aside from raising his family, taking his daughters to early morning skating practice, barefoot waterskiing, snowmobiling, helping hundreds of ShoreMaster dealers grow their business, and helping thousand of ShoreMaster dock and lift owners by answering their waterfront equipment questions and connecting them with their local ShoreMaster dealer, Mark is also passionate about recreational boating. He has a special affinity for Mastercraft Boats, and restoring 1970’s Glastron boats. The video below, was created by Mark to show his restoration of a 1978 Glastron GT-150. The video is found on Mark Cory’s Youtube Channel and while it shows images of the restoration of a 1978 Glastron, we like to think it also shows a small example of the passion that makes ShoreMaster such a great company.

Mark is one example, out of many, of the passionate people who live, work, and play the ShoreMaster Way. When it comes to offering the best business opportunity in the waterfront equipment industry, it helps to have people that are passionate about the industry on your team.

1978 Glastron GT-150 Restoration by Mark Cory:


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