Posted on April 1, 2021

Dealer Spotlight: Brinson Marine - New York Boat Dealers

Dealer Spotlight – Brinson Marine

Written by ShoreMaster Marketing

At ShoreMaster, we’re proud of our dealer network not just because of its size, but because of the passion of these vendors. We think of our dealers as part of our family, and they believe in us and what we create. They share our passion for highly skilled teams, expertise on local lakefronts, and improving on the already great products and services they provide. We decided to share the love with Brinson Marine, a ShoreMaster dealer in Central New York.

ShoreMaster RS4 Dock with Curve Sections

The History of Brinson Marine

Curtis Brinson started Brinson Marine in 1956, right on top of Onondaga Hill. It seems like a strange choice for a company that sells boat dock accessories and parts, but it’s also on the way to the Finger Lakes, and it worked out well. By the 1970s, Brinson Marine dramatically expanded into snowmobiles, snow blowers, John Deere, lawn and garden tractors, and other products. They became a ShoreMaster dealer in 1982 and since then have refocused on selling, installing, and servicing ShoreMaster docks and lifts, although they still sell boats and various pieces of waterfront equipment and accessories. 

Favorite ShoreMaster Products and Qualities

It was hard for Brinson Marine to narrow down their favorite ShoreMaster products. The user-friendly Infinity RS4 Sectional Dock system is very versatile and the most popular item among their customers. Accessories like bumpers, furniture, and basketball hoops also add a lot to a waterfront. They appreciate how ShoreMaster, as a company, offers a range of high-quality products that are constantly improved on and efficiently produced, even when demand is high.

Favorite ShoreMaster Story

One of the largest sales ever made by Brinson Marine was to the local chamber of commerce. They were looking to replace their old steel dock with something that would hold up better even with very heavy use. Brinson Marine showed the chamber ShoreMaster’s premium docks, and although it was a tall order and some of the committee members sold competing brands, the deal was sealed. 

Why Buy from an Authorized Dealer?

Brinson Marine believes that buying from an authorized dealer is the way to go when it comes to boat dock accessories and parts. ShoreMaster’s authorized dealers are committed to customer service every step of the way from purchase to installation and beyond. Authorized dealers will also have the knowledge they need to stand behind the product and work to solve any issue that might arise.

Waterfront Products and Services in Central New York

Located in Syracuse, NY, Brinson Marine will serve Central New York, parts of Lake Ontario, and surrounding small lakes and reservoirs. They have a great team that gets along well, pleases customers, and provides top-notch customer service no matter the weather (or the many complications that 2020 presented). If you’re in Central New York and looking for ShoreMaster products, boats, boat lifts, or other services, contact Brinson Marine. For more information on all of the products we offer and guidance on options for your area, get in touch with a ShoreMaster dealer near you


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